Saturday, March 31, 2007

Good Sculptures *

The religious maniacs win again - this time over a fear of chocolate (no jokes)!

*The Rezillos


Thursday, March 29, 2007

No Glory *

My body aches all over tonight. Started off a wee bit stiff on the legs this morning, but now I can hardly walk. Well, it was the start of our five-a-side football season last night. I realised early in the match that my thrice weekly gym sessions and weekly badminton games are one thing, but playing full-speed-ahead indoor football is quite another. Always enjoyable right enough, even when my shooting was as atrocious as it was last night. I did manage a few goals, one of which was a cracker. But I know I can only improve as the weeks go by. What my body is crying out for tonight is a long soak in a hot bath, but that is not possible and the reason for that is another story for another time.

While I have some trouble walking - and, no, that is not as a result of drinking too much - I have promised JJ that nothing is going to stop me from travelling up to see her tomorrow night. We're planning to go to a particularly fabby looking restaurant/pub in the countryside, so I can't wait for the hugs, kisses and "fat chips" that await!

*Josef K


Safety *

Words I never thought I'd ever say or write: There's a good piece over at Spiked online magazine on the habit of some Chelsea fans of throwing celery on the pitch.

There, said it now!

Btw, some of the fans have already been banned since this article was written last week.

*Richmond Fontaine


Get A Grip On Yourself *

Now why would anyone do such a thing?

*The Stranglers


It Wasn't Me *

I always enjoy a good story which shows the Lib Dems in a bad light. Can't stand the fuckers, much worse than Tories if you ask me.
One in my area has the Lib Dems expelling a councillor who is subject to a police investigation as she is alleged to have stood in the election while she was an undischarged bankrupt, which is, apparently, illegal. There's also an investigation surrounding £9,000 overpayment in housing benefit and outstanding council tax payments for the whole of the last year.
Well, that was the story last week as this week the councillor says she was not expelled but let her membership lapse as she said she was the victim of racism within the party. She also says that she has been the victim of identity fraud and that the name on the insolvency register, which also lists four alternative names that she uses, was stolen by someone who lived at the address which is the subject of the housing benefit fraud and the council tax bill and that she is suing this person. Now, the issue of identity fraud came crashing into my dearest JJ's life recently and I can vouch for the nightmares that this crime can cause. But I don't believe this councillor one fucking bit. And, anyway, I don't care, let the Lewisham Lib Dems rot and fuck right off this planet - bunch of wankers!
I was involved in broad movements for a number of years in the Lewisham area - anti-poll tax, anti-apartheid, anti-racism campaigns and all that shit - and not once was a Lib Dem involved in any of it. Of course, these days, they might all be doing stuff every night of the week in Lewisham while I sit here and do fuck all in front of my computer, but I rather doubt it. Then again, they must be doing something cos they wiped out Labour's 36-seat majority in the borough last year and are now the second biggest grouop on the council, up from four seats five years ago to 17 now - minus the now expelled Sera Kentman, of course.
Now that I think about it, the Lib Dems remind me of Respect and their recruitment of small business owners who bus their relatives in to vote them in as candidates.
Fuckin' 'ell, that ranks as the worst post I've ever blogged!



Saturday, March 24, 2007

Everything Will Be Alright *

I'm expecting nothing less than Scotland victory today as they take on Georgia in the Euro 2008 qualifiers. Then again, with Kenny Miller up front, you never know. He's been terrible for Celtic in recent months. I gave him the benefit of the doubt earlier in the season, believing that it would take him time to settle into such a huge club, but his performances just haven't been good enough. His display against the forces of darkness two weeks ago was laughable. Twice he should have scored and twice he failed with the goal gaping in front of him. Still, I am sure he'll grab a goal or two today.

JJ's joining me this afternoon to watch this one and then onto another pub later to catch England take on Israel. Thank goodness she's a football fan!



Sunday, March 18, 2007

Unbelievable *

Sectarian abuse? Rangers fans? I simply do not believe it. They are a lovely bunch of human beings and are not sectarian scum bags at all!


Something's Got To Give *

Both Jim and Kev will be making their way to Hampden as I write. By 5pm (or 5.30 should it go into extra-time) one of them will be celebrating and one will be well pissed off.

I've always had a soft spot for Killie, being an Ayrshire lad myself. I saw Celtic for the first time at Rugby Park in 1973 and had some fantastic times watching Killie there with Jim and the late Manuel in the 80s when I was getting back into football again after being convinced that there were other things to be done other than trying to change the world (highlight being Manuel spitting on a linesman during a Scottish Cup replay against Hearts - yes, it was a mighty mental night and such behaviour should not be condoned, ha ha).

But, over the last couple of seasons, there has been no more exciting team to watch in Scotland than Hibs and they do deserve to be rewarded. And my visits to watch football in the capital over the years were visits of contrasts. Always hated going to Tynecastle as we Celtic fans were always met with absolute hatred by the locals who would lob stuff at us from their tenement windows as we walked up the Gorgie Road (or whatever road it was) to the game. Ok, we were never welcomed with open arms and hugs and kisses at Easter Road, but the vicious hatred of their city neighbours was never quite in evidence.

I'm just hoping for a good game - and how's that for fence-sitting?

*Beastie Boys


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Day of the Lords *

It's all happening in New Cross over the next three days as tonight marks the first of "3 Days Yoke Breaking Prayer Meeting" organised by the New Cross Branch (obviously) of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministeries International UK. An invite has been popped through my letter box today for these three three-hour gatherings. The only problem I have is that I had planned to go down the pub to watch Man City bounce back from their FA Cup humiliation last weekend (no, not humiliating to get beat by Blackburn but humiliating to simply not try) and beat Chelsea, tomorrow night I had planned to spend the evening in Northampton with JJ and, on Friday, will get out of my face on Diamond White and Buckfast. So I'll need to think about this one! It is only round the corner, though. But, then again, so is the pub! My biggest concern is in what they plan do with all the eggs after three days of breaking the yokes - it would be such a waste if they threw them all out!

* Joy Division


Saturday, March 10, 2007

Only The Lonely *

And I can't do all this blogging without a wee mention of how badly I'm missing JJ as I've not seen her for a few days and don't see her again until Tuesday. I would say "this is crap" but it would reduce her to fits of laughter at the thought of another time I uttered that phrase! Roll on Tuesday, then!!

*Roy Orbison


They're Coming To Take Me Away - ha haaa*

She has got to be mentally ill! And so, for that matter, are all those in attendance!

*Napoleon XIV (aka Jerry Samuels). I've gone through life up to now thinking that this was simply a little joke song. Oh no! It's apparently a controversial work and describes a descent into mental illness which attracted lots of criticism on its release. As for the b-side? How about this from Wikipedia: "Furthering the theme of insanity, the flip or b-side of the single was called "!Aaah-aH yawA eM ekaT oT gnimoC er'yehT" and the singer billed as "VIX noelopaN". It was the A-side played in reverse; in fact, most of the label affixed to that B-side was printed backward, including the letters in the "WB" shield logo. This is the first known instance of backmasking in popular music. Only the label name, disclaimer, and record & song master numbers were kept frontward. The backwards version does not appear on the original Warner Bros. album, although the title is shown on the front cover."

Fucking mad indeed! Anyway, the Wikipedia entry for the song namechecks Jello Biafra, Rush Limbaugh and European heavy metal bands!


Religious Vomit *

Renegade Eye provides a great public information service with news that a bunch of Catholic nutters are trying to shut down the staging of a Dario Fo play at the University of Minnesota. Read all about it here.

*The Dead Kennedys

Penny For Your Thoughts *

Football stuff
Got a sneaky feeling that Boro are going to do ManUtd tonight. While I'm at it, will plump for Chelsea to beat Spurs (sorry Marc), Blackburn to beat Man City (sorry Steve) and don't really know or care about Plymouth v Watford. Really expecting Millwall to carry on their winning ways (trying to ignore the blip against Orient) with a win at home to Carlisle and Cobblers to do Bournemouth and, in the process, make a huge stride to securing their safety in the Third Division.
Tomorrow we have the big one, of course as Celtic take on the forces of darkness. In my opinion, the hoops put on a great show against Milan in the Champions League and, but for some terrible non-decision making from Stephen McManus who should have brought Kaka down about 40 yards from goal, could have taken them to penalties. But, I suppose the best team got through anyway.
Back to tomorrow (in a Marty McFly sort of way), hope we really stuff those Orange bastards. Not that I'm sectarian in any way, but I hate everything to do with thos fuckers - I hate the club, the players, the fans, the ground, their colours, the shape of their fucking faces, the words that come out of their horrible mouths, Govan, (err, calm down Reidski, it's only a game of football). In saying that, I also hate some of our own fans - those who think the wee bit of wafer they eat on a Sunday morning is the body of Christ (stupid fuckers), those who sing songs with lyrics such as "soon there'll be no Protestants at all" and the two blokes who, on separate occasions, have called me a "blue-nosed cunt" in New Cross pubs cos I had the audacity to challenge their blinkered stupidity.
Hey, gonna love this game, aren't I?

Tonight, I'm off to do some celebrity spotting at Joe Allen's - unless my little fucker of a son puts the spoiler on it by doing something stupid like drink salty water to make himself sick like he done last night - what a tosser!

UPDATE: Going nowhere tonight as the ex is ill - probably after the wee shite gave her one of his special drinks! This has its good point (the not going out rather than the ex being ill) as it means I can go down boozer to watch Barca v Real Madrid! Still would much rather have been drinking bloody marys, however!

*Peter Frampton (was Frampton Comes Alive really the best-selling album of 1976?)


Army Dreamers *

*If the liberal left wasn't so obsessed with the Middle East, then maybe a demo or rally could be organised against this blatantly illegal military escapade.

And, yes, I know I'm a bit late on posting a link to this one!"

*Kate Bush


It's Kinda Funny *

Don't know why, but I find this rather amusing.

* Josef K


Friday, March 09, 2007

Nothing To Do *

Well, of course he was bloody drunk!

What a sneaky grass - they were only carrying out a very good public service!

Seeing a good opportunity and taking it!

*The Queers


Monday, March 05, 2007

Strange Pictures*

*Kevin Coyne & Brendan Croker


Friday, March 02, 2007

Sweet Sweet *

This is not the best news ever (well, you never know, they could be asset-strippers) but we'll definitely take it, while this is simply hilarious (apologies to all West Ham fans - err, that is so not genuine!)!
Btw, the pic - dya geddit? Lions, laughing, lions = Millwall, Millwall don't like West Ham ... I'll get my coat!
*Smashing Pumpkins


Happy Birthday *

A message for JJ.


Thursday, March 01, 2007

No More Of That *

At the danger of sounding like some twatty SWP wanker on the high street of a Satuday morning, sign this petition! And then pass it on!

The only acknowledgement I've received back so far was from Man Utd.

*Stiff Little Fingers