Friday, March 20, 2009

One Question*



Monday, March 09, 2009

Up The Hill Backwards *

Walking up from Deptford to Blackheath on Friday, JJ and I were enamoured by this sight. Don't know if you can spot the bloke working away, but he was the only one we spotting from the junction down the bottome (one way goes to Greenwich, one to Lewisham, one to New Cross and, the road that we were on, goes up to the heath). He was just standing there with a pick in his hand hacking away at one small spot on the road. No-one else spotted working until we got right up to Greenwich Park. Don't know why, but we both this very funny.

* David Bowie (JJ can tell you about my brilliant impression which is part Bowie part Anthony Newley)


Saturday, March 07, 2009


If it wasn't for the score today, I'd be celebrating this news. As it is, I'm merely laughing my head off.

Oh, and for those who say that Celtic and that other lot need each other, no we don't!

*Napalm Death


It's A Beautiful Day *

Err, no it's not! Just saw the following on my computer screen:

SCR6: FT St Mirren 1-0 Celtic

* Can't bring myself to write the name of this band. Let's just say that the singer is the most horrific person ever in the history of the world!

In The City *

This pic taken from what I probably consider my favourite spot in the world. The pic doesn't at all do justice to the view one can get from next to the Royal Observatory in Greenwhich, but thought I'd share it with you as it's the first pic I've posted from my new camera, which JJ gave me for Christmas.

And it's got me back to blogging again!

Talking of the Royal Observatory, I've been passing it by for over 20 years now, having spent many days in Greenwich Park since I moved to London in 1988. Can't really beat cycling to the park on a sunny Sunday afternoon with a couple of beers in your bag and settling down to watch the cricket. Yesterday was sunny but couldn't have cycled up the hill to Blackheath, the road once again being dug up all the way from just beyond Wicks right up to the roundabout outside the park. So up the hill we strolled and into the Royal Observatory (well, it's free entry these days - how long before the Tories (for they shall win the next election unfortunately) stop the subsidies of our museums and galleries?). A very pleasant experience, if not mind-blowing. Not such a pleasant experience was the whiff of manure coming from the Rose Garden. But, with around 90 different rose beds for the 90 different roses here, this place will look magnificent come the middle of summer.

Bloody hell, not blogged for about two months and all I go on about is flowers!!

*The Jam