Friday, February 29, 2008

One With The Freaks *

Right, so I burnt JJ a CD this week, but I dont have any CD cases. So I just looked on the shelf for a case from an old CD. I picked up Hillbilly Rock, Hillbilly Roll by The Woolpackers. Now, I wonder if she'll guess why I had that particular CD?

*The Notwist


Sunday, February 24, 2008

Madness *

Watching the League Cup Final this afternoon reminds me of the afternoon of the League Cup Final of 2006. The match between Man Utd and Wigan was not too memorable, with Fergie's side strolling to victory. And it was not too memorable as a football match as I didn't get to see much of it. Rather, what was memorable was that I got caught up in some blogging and, subsequently, e-mailing madness. I remember that I wrote some innocuous piece which had something to do with Ken Livingstone and, I think, his spat with the Evening Standard journalist who he likened to a nazi. As I say, totally innocuous. Next thing I know I'm getting bombarded by comments from a then regular visitor to The Big Blowdown accusing me of making all sorts of psychological insults or whatever. Our spat on the comments then calms down and I agree to delete all my contributions. This bloke, by the way, requested that I change my blog, which he got short shrift over - yes, asking me to censore my own fucking crappy blog. But, as I say, I think it has all calmed down. But then I start getting fucking mental e-mails from this cunt. And, as I do, I reply to every one. This, by the way, is all taking place while I'm trying to watch the fucking football. Anyway, this goes on all fucking afternoon and I realise that I'm dealing with a fucking psycho. But it eventually all comes to an end and the e-mail exchange comes to an end. Then I notice that not only have I been deleted from his blog roll (big fucking deal, I thought), but all those who are regular commentors on my site get deleted from his site too. And then they get put back on again. And then they get taken off again. Then he deletes his own blog and starts another one.

It was fucking mental.

And there I was watching ALL of the League Cup Final today with the odd thought of that very odd incident. And I'd like to think that something awful which affected someone I am madly in love with only a few weeks later had nothing to do with this nutter, but, you know, I've never been too sure about that.



On Top *

Well done Tottenham, fully deserved it!

*The Killers

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Two-Faced Cunt*

Arsene Wenger on today's incident. Just how irritating is this guy? Okay, the tackle was not good and the resultant injury was sickening (hope Eduardo gets well soon), but the referee took the appropriate action - i.e. sent Taylor off. But let us cast our minds back just seven days and we remember what he said after his own players were going in with the studs raised and taking kicks at Nani, just cos the United player had the audacity to play a bit of keepy-up when the Arse got well tanned in the FA Cup tie. For those who don't remember, he said:
"We were incensed and most rightly so.
"It is difficult enough to swallow when you are three or four goals down - you do not want to be teased or humiliated."

He should have been more incensed at his players' performance as it was absolutely pathetic! But, instead, he excuses some disgusting behaviour - nothing less than assault really - by those he teaches the beautiful game to. Cunt!

UPDATE: Wenger apparently put out a statement later on saying he shouldn't have said what he said and that maybe his words were said in haste. So, good on you Arsene for taking that back. Still a cunt, mind!

* Don't know if any band has penned such a song but they should

Down All The Days *

Darren mentions Daniel Day-Lewis. Which means ... link to Millwall. Yes, the posh boy is a Lions fan and why not. In fact, I think he's got to be most famous Millwall fan. Sitting here wracking my brains and, no, can't think of anyone more famous than he. He hints that it was going down the Den and hanging round Deptford and New Cross that got him into acting here:
"At the age of nine or ten, when I first started following Millwall, I was already entering into a world that was fascinating to me and bore so little relation to the household that I came from. I suppose that kind of began it."

And, yes, of course he can be a right nutter when it comes to meticulous planning for a role:
"For Michael Mann's The Last of the Mohicans (1992), the actor was able to prepare for the role of James Fenimore Cooper's 18th-century hero Hawkeye by living off the land for six months, learning how to hunt, fish and skin animals."

So, nutter, but one of ours. Good luck tomorrow night Daniel ... err, I'm sure you do actually read this blog?

* The Pogues (and also the name of Christy Brown autobiography)

Live And Let Live *

Christian churches do move into the strangest places these days. Take one stretch of the Old Kent Road/New Cross Road alone. No longer is the former Southwark Library next to B&Q a community resource for everyone. And, not far down on the other other side of the road there is some Christian stuff going in (I think former, or maybe it's just part of) a gas works. A bit further down, towards the Hatcham Park Tavern (bizarre that I've been around these parts for coming on 20 years and I've never ventured into this now closed down pub) what once was a mechanics is now a huge fuck-off of a congregational hall for all things Jesus and God and shit.

And it is in the latter venue that tomorrow sees the start of an 8-day conference. The Divine Intervention Conference 08, with the subheading of the "The battle is the Lord's", will, no doubt, see many people get together for seminars, meetings and sing-songs on subjects such as "intensive practical ministerial training", "church financial management", "cell group formation & development" and "church administration and management."

Wonder how many Socialist Worker paper sellers will be around?



Thursday, February 21, 2008

Crazy To Exist *

Warning, Warning. Some liberal guff coming up from Reidski. And it is ...

... wouldn't the world be a better place if it was populated by people like this?

"We try to convince them that there is a different future for them." I think that's a rather lovely sentiment!

*Josef K


Saturday, February 16, 2008

Shiny Happy People *

Film scenes we wished the censors would have allowed, thanks to our friends at the Strippergram.

*Fatima Mansions (cover of the REM song)


Food, Glorious Food *

Shout goes out to this place. JJ and I went last night and had starters (fried goat's cheese in breadcrumbs for me, Caeser Salad for JJ), followed by sirloin steak for JJ and rump steak for me, accompanied by some really tasty chips and washed down with a bottle of lovely sauvignon blanc - all for £39. Always worthwhile checking out offers on

* Cast of Oliver


Went Crazy*

Come on Danny, this just isn't what a cool cat would do!


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Lonely Goatherd

This is educational, not entertaining .. ok?

*Julie Andrews and the rest of the Sound of Music cast

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Hail Hail

I've just unearthed the fact that it was 35 years ago this week that I attended my first ever football game when Celtic beat Kilmarnock 4-0 at Rugby Park. I don't remember much about it but one extremely vivid memory is of my Uncle Willie saving a rapidly moving ball from hitting my face. Anyway, the table at the end of the season is above.
Just thought I'd mention it.


Secrets *

Apart from The Police, not a bad line-up. But what struck me as I came across this poster, was the cost - £10.95 for the weekend!

* a single from one of the bands in the line-up. Which one? Get Wikking!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Hanging Around *

Hanging around with nothing much to do is kind of what I'm doing this evening. Boredom sets in quickly after a lovely weekend like the one I just had. JJ and I didn't set foot out the door on Saturday as we had one of those days and evenings indoors, with no responsibilities or cares. We did decide to venture out on Sunday afternoon, with a walk around Spitalfields (not knowing that the main area of the market is being refurbished at the moment) followed by a rather lovely Mexican meal in Covent Garden. Then it was a bit of a dash to make the pub quiz. Didn't do too badly as our 47 points was only five behind the winners. We were fourth out of about 12 teams. Monday was a wee bit of shopping followed by a drink in the rather strange surroundings of Waxy O'Connors in Chinatown. Then it was "bye bye JJ" - sob, sob, sob.

Btw, I can feel another rant coming on about journalists. Let me just point out two non-stories from the Guardian.

1. Last Friday, the Guardian had the cheek to declare that they had delivered an "exclusive" earlier in the week by stating that Beckham would not make the England squad. Now, for fuck sake, did anyone think he was going to make Capello's squad, considering he hasn't played football for over two months and that, since the turn of the year he has done no football training but has rather spent time on a Unicef mission in Sierra Leone followed by sunning himself on a Rio beach?

2. On Saturday, the Guardian splashed over its front page the fact that Tony Blair was going to become EU President. So, him sounding out some mates took up first half of the piece, but this was followed by the fact that France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Luxembourg and other countries would not give him their support. They would have been as well saying that Bill Cash was going to become EU President - it would have as much basis of truth as the story they did print!

* Stranglers


Heads Will Roll *

Guy Roux thinks Rangers are "stupid" - agreed!

* Echo & The Bunnymen