Saturday, February 23, 2008

Live And Let Live *

Christian churches do move into the strangest places these days. Take one stretch of the Old Kent Road/New Cross Road alone. No longer is the former Southwark Library next to B&Q a community resource for everyone. And, not far down on the other other side of the road there is some Christian stuff going in (I think former, or maybe it's just part of) a gas works. A bit further down, towards the Hatcham Park Tavern (bizarre that I've been around these parts for coming on 20 years and I've never ventured into this now closed down pub) what once was a mechanics is now a huge fuck-off of a congregational hall for all things Jesus and God and shit.

And it is in the latter venue that tomorrow sees the start of an 8-day conference. The Divine Intervention Conference 08, with the subheading of the "The battle is the Lord's", will, no doubt, see many people get together for seminars, meetings and sing-songs on subjects such as "intensive practical ministerial training", "church financial management", "cell group formation & development" and "church administration and management."

Wonder how many Socialist Worker paper sellers will be around?




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