Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Food Glorious Food *

This is just what you would want after a night on the bevvy!

* The cast of Oliver

Monday, October 24, 2005

Many Happy Returns *

Shameless invite for best wishes, I know, but it was my (41st) birthday last week. Went out with 'er indoors and the boy, hoping to visit our favourite Indian restaurant, but it's boarded up for renovation. On way back home in car, we spot this place, so eat here instead. Superb food and great wine list. In fact, I think this'll be the venue for my next date (which will probably be on my 51st birthday, so don't expect post on this subject in the near future).

Apropos of nothing, sitting here writing while listening to The Slits album Cut - what an absolute classic!!


Summer's Gone *

Summer is definitely gone. It's blowing a gale outside and the rain is pissing down. Anyway, I digress...

Another bout of lazyitis hit the Reidski over the last few weeks rendering me unable to do anything but work and drink - what a sad fuck of a life I lead! The following may be worth having a gander at - then again, they may not.

You can say nothing but good luck to this poor woman - she deserves better.
This bloke probably thinks he's achieved something - whereas I think he's an even sadder fuck than me.
Surprise surprise at this news - it made me recall that as a teenager my thoughts on a Friday or Saturday night were always: "I wonder which pub I'm least likely to get my head kicked in tonight?"
Here's one about nazi raccoons - I kid you not!
Anyone see Burt Bacharach on Later last Friday night? If not, here's an interesting piece about what he's up to now - you may or may not be surprised.
Talking of musical maestros - this one is defnitely having a bad hair day!

Now that I think of it, this takes me on to the one thing I have done in the last few weeks other than drink or work - although it does involve a massive intake of bevvy! Ten days ago, approx 11.30am, have couple of pints after work (yes, every second Friday my hours are 8-11am, what a job I have), then head into town to catch Richmond Fontaine (who I'm seeing that night at the Bush Hall, but more of that later) who are making in-store appearance at the Rough Trade shop. Obviously get there a bit too early, so go and have a couple of pints (should have had lunch as, by this time had no breakfast or anything to eat at all). Go back to the shop and watch the singer Willy and guitarist Paul play a few acoustic numbers and then have quick chat before heading back to pub for a couple of pints (at this stage, these couple of pints are becoming quite a few). Then it's home to show face to the boy and to grab something to eat. Then straight back out again. Meet a (Icelandic) friend at the railway station who is being accompanied by two Icelandic film-makers who have interviewed friend for a film on Icelandic woman who are making a name for themselves overseas. I ask her: "So why are they interested in you?" She laughs my comments off as she can tell I've had a few and only meant it as a joke. So, off to the Bush Hall I go. For those who don't know, the Bush Hall is an absolutely gorgeous venue - all huge chandeliers, ornate decorations and quite simply a lovely lovely building (pity it's in Shepherd's Bush). So the Reidski hits the white wine big time, with a few bottles of beer getting consumed also. Brilliant gig, brilliant support band in the Amazing Pilots also. Gig finishes and Reidski wonders what to do (going straight home to bed would have been the best answer!), so he phones Brizie, who has been at Morning Star benefit. We eventually meet up at this place in Whitechapel - but only after I have attempted to involve Tube passengers in drunken conversation about all things Richmond Fontaine - everyone thinks I'm mad!! Have a few large glasses of wine with Brizie and his dad and have lost all track of time. Decide it must be time for last train so walk over the road to Tube station where the track workers who are about to start their shift point me in the direction of the clock, which informs me that not only will I not get a train home but that I am also closer to getting the first one in the morning rather than the last one of the night. Then ... then ... then ... then I have no recollection other than waking up at 1pm in bed the next morning. And, as well as having horrific hangover, also have a bash on the back of my head, pains and bruises from a shoulder injury and a grazed knee. Mmmm, wonder how that happened.
There, that's my story.

Back to today ... I'm now in day three of being on my own after 'er indoors and the boy went off to France for a holiday on Saturday morning. What she doesn't know is that I've taken two days off work in order to do absolutely nothing - other than blog, of course. But, spur of the moment decision has me about to venture forth into the gales and rain in order to catch A History of Violence - looking forward to it!

I'll post comments on it later - and I don't mean three weeks later!

* Placebo