Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sometimes *

Yes, sometimes I blog, but, these days, that is not very often at all. It's not like I've not had material recently: the fantastic time JJ and I had at a family wedding recently, Kris Boyd's disgraceful behaviour, Millwall's excellent form which has seen them go top of League One, Celtic's embarrassment against Manure, the end of capitalism (yes, according to Simon Heffer in the Evening Standard, Gordon Brown now presides over a socialist economy now - what a numpty) and other related stories. Talking of which, it's not all bad news.

And I've got lots to tell JJ when she returns from Egypt: more footie stuff such as the horrid Redknapp going to Spurs and, err, Brand and Ross being suspended by the BBC (what a disgusting pair they are).

So, I could write about all that stuff, but I won't, cos a mixture of laziness combined with the fact that I need to buy a new computer means it is very frustrating sitting down to blog or do anything on this fucking PC.

Not that anyone has visited this place for some time .....

*The Stranglers

P.S. anyone who does drop by should also visit Inveresk Street and check out the pics of Darren's lovely new baby boy - a right wee cracker!