Saturday, November 29, 2008

Fucked Up *

What a fucked up world we live in!

* Dead Prez

Friday, November 21, 2008

The Crying Game *

Fantastic pic.

* Julie London, I think

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Grotesque *

This is the kind of thing I get invited to. And, btw, any relations between the rant below and this is purely coincidental:

Special Event for Spectator Readers - Monday 8 December 2008
‘An Evening with Andrew Roberts’

In celebration of the launch of his new book ‘Masters and Commanders’ – How Roosevelt, Churchill, Marshall and Alanbrooke won the war in the west, Hyatt Regency London – The Churchill invites you to an intimate evening dinner with acclaimed historian and biographer Andrew Roberts on Monday 8 December 2008.

In Masters and Commanders Roberts shows how the lives of hundreds of thousands of soldiers and civilians ultimately rested on the decisions taken by four strong-willed and toughminded men, each with his own view on how to win the war.

In true Churchillian spirit, Executive Chef, Ben Purton has created a special three course menu, with selected wines to match.

The event commences at 7:00 pm with a champagne reception in The Library Bar.

Tickets priced at £125 and strictly limited include: champagne reception;
3-course meal; selected wines and a signed copy of the book
‘Masters and Commanders’.

RESERVE your place NOW by calling 020 7961 0044 or email quoting reference ARD

*The Wonder Stuff

Tourette's *

Read a report in the Morning Star yesterday about the Labour Representation Committee's annual conference from the weekend. The headline referred to the conference highlighting the twin threats of the BNP and "state fascism". Ok, I do think there are good people involved with the LRC - Benn, McDonnell, et al - but stories like that indicate that those involved are a bunch of nutjobs. State fascism? Come on, there is a hell of a lot wrong with our society and with our government, but we are far from having a fascist state. The trouble with groups such as the LRC is that they believe that, as they get some nutty Trots (AWL), self-styled communists (just who the hell are the International Group of Communists) and social democrats in the same room together, then this in some ways represents a broad movement. No, it just means that, as always done in the past and as is done now, the left talks to the left, but only those sections of the left that other sections of the left agree with. What a waste of time and energy. Well, would you spend your free time organising with a group which a few years ago referred in disparaging terms to the immoral "sex-for-pleasure" mentality pervading British youth? That was the NCP, by the way! As I say, fucking nuts!

And while I'm on a rant, isn't it about time the Stoke the War Coalition wound up. How many conferences is it going to take before they realise they are wasting their time?

* Nirvana


Hanging Around *

Stuck indoors this morning waiting for a new laptop to be delivered. I can't stand that waiting here doing nothing, particularly as I had to wave off JJ from my doorstep earlier on. I think that's only the second occasion I've done that as we usually travel across London together before she heads off home.

More annoying than hanging around doing not a lot was Northampton's performance against Leeds in the FA Cup last night. The Cobblers' defence was hopeless and the goalkeeper (just called into the England Under-21 squad) was dire, so mixed with a terrific hat-trick by Leeds' forward Jermaine Beckford and a 5-2 defeat was the result. It did not make for good television - yes, Cobblers on TV for second time in just over a week!

While watching the game, I came out with one of those comments that fans of lower league teams really must hate. "When it comes to football, isn't it all about disappointments?" A terrible thing to say when you consider that I support a football team which has, in my lifetime, has reached three European finals (winning the European Cup once), won, at one stage, nine league titles in a row, won countless Scottish Cups and League Cups and is in the process of going for four SPL titles in a row. But the fact remains that I view football in negative terms. Weird that!

Anyway, here I sit, doing bugger all, waiting for my new computer .....

*The Stranglers


Friday, November 07, 2008

Hang Me Out To Dry

Not been to a gig for a while, so off to the Astoria with JJ tonight hoping the Cold War Kids are on top form.

Dance Wiv 'im

Fantastic stuff from Dizzee Rascal. But some of the comments on the youtube messageboard about it are rather disturbing!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Race For The Prize *

For some strange reason, I entered a seven-mile race, which took place in Leicestershire yesterday. My aim was to finish. My second aim was to finish in under an hour. I did both - 59 mins, 55 secs. I was well chuffed. That I came in 266th place wasn't a problem as there were around 420 in the race. I have never done any running other than the odd workout on a treadmill before.

* Flaming Lips