Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Grotesque *

This is the kind of thing I get invited to. And, btw, any relations between the rant below and this is purely coincidental:

Special Event for Spectator Readers - Monday 8 December 2008
‘An Evening with Andrew Roberts’

In celebration of the launch of his new book ‘Masters and Commanders’ – How Roosevelt, Churchill, Marshall and Alanbrooke won the war in the west, Hyatt Regency London – The Churchill invites you to an intimate evening dinner with acclaimed historian and biographer Andrew Roberts on Monday 8 December 2008.

In Masters and Commanders Roberts shows how the lives of hundreds of thousands of soldiers and civilians ultimately rested on the decisions taken by four strong-willed and toughminded men, each with his own view on how to win the war.

In true Churchillian spirit, Executive Chef, Ben Purton has created a special three course menu, with selected wines to match.

The event commences at 7:00 pm with a champagne reception in The Library Bar.

Tickets priced at £125 and strictly limited include: champagne reception;
3-course meal; selected wines and a signed copy of the book
‘Masters and Commanders’.

RESERVE your place NOW by calling 020 7961 0044 or email
robertsdinner@pressholdings.com quoting reference ARD

*The Wonder Stuff


Blogger J.J said...

I have cleared my diary for the 8th.

11:54 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reidski, that is not an 'invitation', that is a marketing mailshot. However, if you wish to lunch with me, it will cost but a few quid and the spirit will be Stalinian rather than Churchillian.

10:20 am  
Blogger timesnewroman said...

I'd be up for Anonymous invitation. That's got to be the most pathetic drivelling shite I have seen since the last time I saw drivelling shite.

8:17 pm  
Blogger Yorkshire Pudding said...

Sounds like you could have a really wild time! Get down to the groove!

7:49 pm  
Anonymous marc said...

Bear up there, mate -- almost the time of year for your holiday parties where they practically pay you to turn up! (At least in food & hooch)

3:10 pm  
Blogger Reidski said...

JJ - excellent, see you there.

Anonymous - I know it's a marketing mailshot you stupid trot twat.

tnr - calm down, we only need to ignore such "invites."

YP - yes, it could be fun, if not rather expensive.

Marc - party time starts next Friday with free piss-up and food. Every time someone says they're not going means more booze for me!

10:17 am  

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