Thursday, September 11, 2008

Radio Radio *

The following from the Guardian Guide last Saturday about a radio programme which was on earlier tonight:

The history series Document (8pm, R4) returns with the tale of how, in 1974, Howard Wilson considered handing Northern Ireland to its southern neighbour.

This has been from writer (who would probably have sourced it from some listings press release), to sub-editor, to chief sub-editor and then to editor prior to publication. So, did the writer get it wrong, or did someone change it? Whatever, that is quite an error for that many people to make, don't you think? Or is it me that's the ignorant stupid idiot here?

And that's to say nothing of the ideological slant of it!

* Elvis Costello and the Attractions



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Difficult to know where to start with that one ... the difference between 'belonging with' and 'belonging to'?


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