Friday, August 31, 2007

No Tears *

Took this week off work as I've plenty of leave left to take before the end of the year. Though, of course, it being a bank holiday week and as my employer gives us extra day's leave at each bank holiday, then only three days leave needed to be taken. That leaves me with another 14 days to take - not enough really, is it?

Anyway, done a few things.

After superb weekend in Cambridge with JJ and a visit to one or two rather lovely pubs, a great meal out on the Saturday night and generally a wonderful time simply walking around that beautiful city, it was back to London.

Can't remember what I done on Monday - probably nothing!

Tuesday was take apart old wardrobe in ex's place and taking it to tip - hard work it was too, I tell you. Reidski isn't really used to hard work, btw, as last time I had a proper job was over 20 years ago.

Wednesday was afternoon in the pub with JJ and then, err, evening in the pub with JJ to watch Celtic in the Champions League. We were not on top form, but scraped through in the end on penalty kicks. And then it was off for a rather scrumptious curry.

Yesterday was paint door for ex followed by us going to an utterly fantastic gig. Okay, the Silversun Pickups may be heavily influenced by the Smashing Pumpkins (even to the extent of having same initials and same ethnic and gender mixture of the best live band ever) but, nevertheless, they know how to enjoy themselves and put on a great live show and make oldies like me want to do more than tap my foot and nod my head in appreciation. As for the venue, I've never been to the Scala before and was well impressed. JJ, we shall be visiting in the near future, I would guess! Anyway, Silversun Pickups - fucking ace!

Today was yet another lazy day, watching athletics and then down the pub for a very shortened visit as I had forgotten to take my wallet with me. Tonight is evening with the boy. Also great on the football front as Gravesen left us yesterday and, as I write, Miller is on his way to Derby - thank fuck for that!

And tomorrow - whooppeeeeeeeeeee - it's off to see Northampton take on Leyton Orient in east London with JJ.

* Psychedelic Furs


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

For Madmen Only *

Go here and tell me what it's all about. First to answer correctly gets a Reidski compilation.

*UK Decay

Monday, August 27, 2007

I'll Try Anything*

What the fuck was I thinking about? Why oh why did I buy The Dickies' Punk Singles Collection? I have no interest in this band or their stupid interpretation of good songs or their own bad originals. I can only put it down to the fact that I was very drunk when looking at Amazon and wondering what to spend my money on. One thing I know, I will never ever listen to this CD all the way through in my life - fact!

*Dusty Springfield


Not Great Men*

This has got to be great news. Miller works extremely hard for the team, but doesn't do what a striker is supposed to do - score goals! Magic and (no) Loss, as Lou Reed would say. He was good for his first season, but hopeless last year. As for Gravesen ... no-one was worse than him last season, so fuck off and get off our wage bill, we say to him!

* Gang of Four



Adam Ardrey, I can only ask this one question: "Who gives a flying fuck?"

* Dead Kennedys


Friday, August 24, 2007

Till Victory *

Forget the Manchester derby, or Liverpool v Chelsea, Scotland v England or the Old Firm matches in Glasgow. Nah, none of them can compete with this one. Come on Meadow, get intae those Vics tossers!
Kick off tonight at 6.45 - don't think it's on Sky, though!
* Patti Smith


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before *

This was shite! The first "goal" did not cross the fucking line - the linesman has got to be a Russian! He wasn't even in line with the goal, but was standing at the 18-yard line when the free-kick was struck! Nevertheless, Millwall were woeful. The only danger for the Bunny Boy in the Northampton goal was from himself or from the defenders who got in his way. Our defenders - and keeper - hoofed the ball upfield to nobody in particular all night. The midfield was non-existant. And the strikers - with the exceptions of Harris - done fuck all work. Before tonight, I thought we were certainties for promotion, but, now, I'm not so sure. I'll keep schtum until about October.

Can you believe I still had a fantastic night? That maybe had something to do with the company I had.

* The Smiths

P.S. Can't believe I'm moaning after only the second competitive game of the season - but, hey, that's football!!


Monday, August 13, 2007

Tripping *

Boy, did I need that! Just had seven days of bliss with JJ. Now, JJ does the details in this relationship, so I'll leave the finer points to her. However, I have to say that Watergate Bay is one of - if not THE - most beautiful beaches I've ever been on. And its near neighbour in Porth is also gorgeous. And Porth's near neighbour of Lusty Glaze beach is too. Have dinner at Lusty Glaze beach as the sun is going down and you will know the definition of romantic. Particularly if you quickly get back over to Watergate with a cold bottle of wine and watch the sun go down.

There was more to this holiday than beaches of course because there were also some ace pubs, some beautiful countryside, lovely lovely villages and some rather scrumptious food. The fact that we went to have fish and chips in Paidstow (with its abundance of fish restaurants - mostly owned by Rick Stein) and left with our bellies empty will be passed over by this writer, but I'm sure that JJ can fill in the details.

Then, to leave Cornwall and head for the Cotswolds wasn't such a drag when we visited Wells and then arrived at our amazing hotel on the outskirts of Gloucester."A corner bath, it's got a corner bath," was the gasps behind me as we entered our hotel room.

And then to visit some lovely villages - Lower and Upper Slaughter, Oddington, Sheepsmore and Painswick - on our last day away was a great piece of icing on the cake.

Even a horrendous traffic jam as we left the M40 didn't spoil our evening in Windsor. A great pub and then a tremendous meal at an Italian restaurant - truly wonderful.

But it wasn't over because we had brilliant sunshine in London on Friday and decided to have picnic and sunbathing afternoon in Greenwich Park. A perfect end to a perfect week.

Back to work for me this morning - what a drag! Hey, but tomorrow night? It's up to Northampton as Millwall visit the Sixfields to put those northerners out of the League Cup. Bring it on!

* The Pretty Things