Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Stir It Up*

Apropos of nothing, this is what some buddhists get up to of an evening.

*Bob Marley



Thank fuck for that!

Right, here goes .... I think we can win the title!!!!!

*The Wonder Stuff


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Warning! This may offend!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Down Came The Angels *

John Stewart hits the winner!!

"No decent football on today," I mention to JJ on the phone first thing this morning. "There's only Queen of the South against Aberdeen in the Scottish Cup semi-final, which will be boring and one-sided. So I'll just go for a session in the gym and make my way back home very slowly."

I get in and everyone on the radio is raving about what an amazing game this was and it's one of the biggest surprises of the season. I just watched the highlights - totally mental. Well done The Doonhamers!

*Lift To Experience

For Pete's Sake*

A little filler on page 8 of today's Guardian newspaper - accredited to "Agency" - informs us that the New Cross pub which was used in the filming of Shaun of the Dead, The Duke of Albany, is now closed and is to be redeveloped and turned into flats.

Well, not quite sure which "Agency" the Guardian takes its stories from, but I have to tell them that this pub, just round the corner from me, has been boarded up since I first moved into this place last May. In fact, a little bit of research and I wouldn't be surprised if it tells me that it has been closed since before they used it for the location of the Winchester in the film. I'll check that out! Hey, just done it and found this, which shows that the Guardian's Agency is at least 21 months out of date!

And it was fucking obvious for ages that it was destined for flats. Much the same as The Royal Archer, which is a five-minute walk away and has also been boarded up for a couple of years. While I had never been in the Duke of Albany, I can definitely say that the closure of the Royal Archer is no fucking loss whatsoever. Walked in there with the ex once and it was a stereotype (from American Werewolf in London?) in which the darts did seem to freeze in mid-air and in which the punters did actually stare at the two of us the whole time we were there - which, it has to be said, wasn't fucking long at all as we got out of there pretty damn quick.

Back street pubs - avoid like the plague. Unless, of course, they are like Skehan's up Telegraph Hill!

This post is not supportive of property developers - they are all cunts - but more of a wonder at just why this little piece was in a newspaper today!

* The Monkees


Saturday, April 05, 2008

The Short Answer*

Telephone conversations you wish you didn't have with your 14-year-old son:

Me: Hi sonny, your mum's out tonight so I'm coming over to stay the night.
The Boy: Cool. When are you coming over?
Me: I'll be over later and make us dinner.
The Boy: Yeh, but exactly when?
Me: Not sure. Why do you need to know?
The Boy: So's I know how long I can put off hiding the empty beer bottles.

Parenthood is such bliss!

* Billy Bragg