Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Ant Invasion *

A sentence that JJ never would have guessed she'd hear first thing in the morning being said by the bloke lying next to her: "I don't want the ants to take over my body!"

It's a long story ...

*Adam and the Ants


Monday, February 26, 2007

Premonition *

JJ has told me to put this down in writing, so I'm doing so ... MILLWALL WILL GET PROMOTED THIS SEASON!

*Simple Minds, from the classic Reel to Reel Cacophony.



JJ has witnessed me in ultra-weird mode lately. I keep rabbiting on about fish - no, not this kind, but this kind. And, more precisely, it is this specific species of fish that I have been boring her to death with. The excellent book Cod by Mark Kurlansky is to blame for that. Now why I chose to pick this up from the library a couple of weeks back I'm not quite sure, but I'm very glad I did. It may have been the tag line "A biography of the fish that changed the world." It might have been the fact that it won the award for Best Food Book in 1999. Anyway, whatever it was, I thoroughly enjoyed it, was educated by it, entertained by it and have been dying for some fish and chips since I started reading it and cannot believe that I've not had any. Furlansky has a lovely writing style and makes a strange choice for a writing subject absolutely fascinating. Then again, he can tap into some wonderful history when discussing cod: the "founding" of the Americas by the viking murderer Leif Eriksson, the early fishing expeditions to Newfoundland by the Basques, the battle to control the seas, the Pilgrims, the American and Frensh revolutions, the rise of commercial fishing, the cod wars between Iceland and Britain, technological advances which resulted in freezing (a certain Mr Birdseye), the slave trade.

It is also an extremely sad book as it explains the disastrous impact which has been made on fishing communities, particularly in parts of Canada and the north-east coast of the US, as a result of the exploitation of the fishing stocks.

I know, a book about fish? Well, I may have scoffed if I hadn't read it. I'm glad I did. Not sure if JJ is so glad, though. But wait till she sees what I'm planning to read next: The Social-Democratic View of the National Question by Joseph Stalin. Now that's what I call sexy!

*The Damned


Save Us S.O.S. *

A letter I read in the Financial Times a couple of weeks ago has been bugging me. I must have read and re-read it about 20 times (yes, I know, what a saddo). The issue I have with it is that I really cannot work out whether the writer is using an ironic argument to highlight the dangers to our planet or - and this is a scary thought - is actually serious. You decide:

Climate change must be insulated against hot air of irrationality
By Ron Goodden
Published: February 6 2007 02:00 Last updated: February 6 2007 02:00
From Mr Ron Goodden.
Sir, The possible extent to which civilisation-induced global warming exists pales beside the climo-hysteria now being fomented over it.
If polar bears are truly to give way in our future to more kangaroos and vibrant tropical foliage, and balmier Canadian winters result in declining numbers of Speedo-clad Canadian pensioners on Florida beaches, I am left conflicted, at worst.
And I cannot, in good conscience, begrudge northerners whatever additional warmth they may derive from ongoing climate change that now trends ever so slightly in their favour. A glance at the world map confirms that we are still absolutely top-heavy with underused boreal real estate just waiting for dire global warming predictions to live up to expectations.
As for sea levels (where is the predicted rise, anyway?) perhaps it is time the Qattara Depression in north Africa and other sub-sea-level areas like it be put to good use generating hydroelectricity by allowing the sea to flow in, as has long been envisioned, simultaneously regulating sea levels a tad. The rift valley separating Israel from Jordan, used similarly, would combine economic with political-strategic benefits by further separating Israelis from unhappy Arab neighbours.
Climate change, though unavoidable, may be amenable to sensible amelioration; but let us not allow the hot air of irrationality to further exacerbate the situation.
Ron Goodden,
Atlanta, GA 30080, US

*Hot Hot Heat


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Immigrant Song*

Man goes on holiday to Gambia. Man sees woman. Man peels potatoes. Man marries woman. Man comes back to England. Man talks pure pish.

Read all about it here. And here is an excerpt:

"Mr Thompson, a Liberal Democrat councillor on Calderdale Council, said he had also converted to Islam.
He said love blossomed as they peeled potatoes together outside his hotel near Banjul on his first night..."

* Led Zeppelin


Everything Will Be Alright *

JJ has landed safely - whoopppeeeeee!

*The Killers

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Steppin' Out *

Had a nice walk along the Thames this afternoon, with a short trip into Tate Modern along the way - very nice it all was and maybe a comment or two for the spectacular looking slides in the turbine hall when I get round to it.

Tonight, I'm going to Dingwalls in Camden to catch the stupendous Richmond Fontaine, whose new album Thirteen Cities sounds rather superb. So maybe a word or two on the gig if I can be bothered tomorrow.

*Joe Jackson


Let's All Make A Bomb *

Right, I can understand many people, including this fruitcake, wanting to kill Tony Blair, but why would he also want to kill this bloke? I mean, I can't stand the Lib-Dems (in fact, I'd rather vote Tory than them) but a bit strong to want to kill one of them. I can only guess it has something to do with this cataclysmic about-turn?

And before anyone says anything, yes, I know I shouldn't make jokes about the BNP!!!

* Heaven 17


Monday, February 12, 2007

Missing You *

A not very subtle message for JJ!
*Christy Moore


Where Boys Fear To Tread *

"Why are we the only guys here?" the boy asked me."Because it's a girly film," I answered.

I wasn't too enamoured when I agreed to go to the cinema on the grounds of family unity and all that and being told we were going to see Dreamgirls.

It did turn out to be a pleasant surprise and, in fact, the only girly in the party (my ex and the boy's mum) liked it the least. It looked great, script not too bad, acting very good (Eddie Murphy can act, I am once again reminded) and, of course, the music isn't too bad either. I was particularly blown away by Jennifer Hudson when her character gets kicked out the band and dumped by her lover/manager and she sings a defiant but heartbreaking vow to stay with the band and her lover. Her performance almost verges on the overdramatic but somehow she manages to avoid that. What a pair of lungs she has! I'd never heard of her before so had to do a google on her when I returned home and found she was the star who didn't win American Idol a few years back which prompted Elton John to denounce the judges as racist. She obviously didn't really need to win a reality TV show to make her mark on the world as her acting and voice have already won her a BAFTA and she's a good bet to win the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. And I read that she put 20 pounds on to play the part in Dreamgirls, which I'm sure many young aspiring actors would not, err dream, of doing.

Dreamgirls - not a great film but an entertaining one to look out for on DVD or TV. It could have done with being a bit shorter, also!

Oh, and we weren't the only males in this excellent cinema. There were two blokes sitting in front of us, kissing and cuddling and singing along to some of the songs - I think they may have been gay!

*Smashing Pumpkins


Moaner *

Aye, and he's one to talk!



Let's Go Crazy *

Kev's entirely innocent post about a new CD sparks a rather heated debate - strange what fires people up, innit? Of course, my little comment wasn't supposed to stir things up ...

*The Clash


Sunday, February 11, 2007

I'm Late *

Went to see Eddie and the Hot Rods with ex in New Cross pub last night. They were fabulous. Also fabulous were support band The Foxes. Also fabulous were two blokes rolling around the floor having the time of their lives. Not fabulous was stupid twat of a bouncer who told them to stop. More to say on this later, but, for now, running late for kick off of Killie v forces of darkness ... so down the pub I go.

*Someone doing the voiceover for some character or other in Alice In Wonderland film.


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

News of the World *

There I was, watching this, bored shitless (although the result cheered me up - as did the England fans on the Radio 5 phone-in. I'm sure these same people - and I mean THE same people - who are now calling for McClaren to be sacked were insisting on the FA appointing an English manager when Sven walked off. So, who is the alternative? Pearce - no experience worth considering! Err, that's it!). Anyway, as I was saying, bored shitless, so I picked up the Lewisham and Catford News Shopper, as you do, and was delighted at such stories regarding objections to a pizza take away having a late opening license, a "brainy student" winning an essay competition and a move for a doctors' surgery. Also enjoyed - and, sorry, but no links here, the paper's "feature" on Valentine's Day, which consisted of adverts for a Greek restaurant, a curry house, florists, a barbers (how romantic), Hot Flush - The Menopause Has Never Been This Good! (musical at the Churchill Theatre) and fireworks (£20 for one which will light up the sky with a heart). Dontcha love local papers?

*The Jam


Crazy *

Maybe a bit of exaggeration to use the word "war" in this story?

* Gnarls Barkley


Monday, February 05, 2007

Lit Up *

How can they not be ready? How much time do you need to prepare to say "don't smoke in here?"

*The National


Music Was My First Love *

Excellent new web site for musos!

*John Miles


The Birdy Song*

Excellent corporate Q&A from Bernard Matthews - obviously shitting themselves. Hope all this really fucks up the company's profits.

Btw, I can't be the only person who thinks that the term "farm" is being misused for this place, am I? As some may know, I don't give a flying fuck about animals (they exist to be worn, eaten or for entertaiment purposees, in my humble opinion), but the idea that nearly 200,000 chickens and turkeys can be kept at the same place makes my usually strong stomach rather queasy!

Anyway, no chicken in a basket for me tonight, JJ!

*Don't know, don't care


Pants *

Wonder if there's any connection between this and this.

* Corky and the Juice Pigs


Should I Stay Or Should I Go*

Well, should I/we?

*The Clash


Sunday, February 04, 2007

Download *

Catchy music and songs ... yes, how horrid. You are into it so much for a week or so, playing it non-stop and then ................ you realise it's shit. That's what happened to me with with Oasis and their first album, with Coldplay and that Yellow fuckin crap and the Stereophonics (eh, joking, everything they did is and was shit and I was never into it!)! So, anyway, I've been a bit worried that I've been getting so into The Feeling. Definitely catchy. Definitely poppy. But, it has such quality that I just know that I'll be playing this in years to come. I'm not one for proclaiming albums to be classics when they are released. Hey, fuck, it took me over 30 years before I considered Forever Changes to be a classic. Led Zeppelin were over-indulgent arseholes and not worthy of a listen until my son turned me round. Sparks were just two weird fuckers until it hit me that they were making classic pop songs. So, onto The Feeling again ... love it!

*Super Furry Animals


Friday, February 02, 2007

The World'll Be Okay *

Why is this headline news? Was there ever anything else to blame?

* Teenage Fanclub - of course, the world will not be okay as we have all fucked it right up.


Thursday, February 01, 2007

Read It In Books *

What a wonderful initiative!

*Teardrop Explodes


Save Me *

Why do I find just about every statement in this story very weird?

This on it's own would be weird enough: "It was completely inappropriate physical touching of a student in the presence of an officer and is illegal."

And this one: "Mo was arrested on 18 counts of false imprisonment -- one count per student -- for not allowing them to leave the library, battery on the child she allegedly used as a shield, and trespassing."

And this one: "The school's principal, Cynthia Swainbank, declined to comment Wednesday, saying, "It's a personnel matter, and I cannot discuss it."

And even this one: "I just cannot imagine that whatever this is is her fault, because she's not that type of person."

But I think the weirdest of all is this one: "The incident prompted school officials to summon counselors and call the parents of the 18 students to give them the option of picking the students up early."

Can you imagine receiving that call: "Hi, Mr Reidski, yeh, your son was held hostage by a crazy teacher in the library today as the police turned up to arrest her. She also touched him very inappropriately and used him as a human shield when the police made moves to put handcuffs on her. This whole event could scar him emotionally and psychologically for some years, but, really, it is a personal matter between the teacher and the principal. Anyway, if you do insist on taking the boy out of school for the day - and we really mean just for the day - then he's sitting here quivering and crying and waiting for you. Have a nice day!"

Oh, yes, the teacher in question has been "placed on leave"!

Methinks there is more to be said on this story - from the teacher's point of view!!

*Queen - hey, JJ, shall we have a Queen night tomorrow night or are you still set on listening to T'Pau all night?


Play To Win *

So it's goodbye Shaun Maloney. Not surprisingly, I suppose. Here is a young player, not getting a game every week, while the club does not exactly get contract talks moving fast enough. He's been excellent for Celtic since he burst on to the scene as a teenager and played his part in our wonderful, but fruitless, night in Seville. In fact, his last act was to hit a free kick over the bar in the last seconds at the end of extra time when everyone had been crying out for a cross to the far post exactly where Larsson was waiting and exactly where the Swede had already scored two headers earlier in the match. The Villa contingent at C&S should be pleased as they have a good one in young Shaun. But what we've lost with Maloney leaving, Celtic have gained with the signing of Paul Hartley. That he even considered signing for Rangers was mind-blowing, so it was funny that we put in a late bid to scupper that one. Btw, Hartley is the one who, while at Millwall about 10 years ago was asked by a fanzine "if you were a pigeon, who would you shit on?" His answer: "Rangers, they are Orange bastards!" Excellent, can't wait for the next meeting with the huns in the middle of March.
Mixed feelings for JJ on the transfer front. Out go cracking central defender Luke Chambers as well as forward Scott McGleish. The young Chambers is a very promising player and I would have thought that a move to at least the Championship would have been on for him rather than to a team which isn't exactly making sure of its automatic promotion - sorry Lisa. McGleish, on the other hand, from what I've seen of him, was maybe playing a division higher than his abilities merited this season. But in come an Everton youngster to take Chambers's place, while, up front they have Kenny - six hat-tricks in a season - Deuchar. I have no doubt that Deuchar will be banging them in before too long.

And the point of this post was? Dunno, like!

*Heaven 17


She Is Suffering *

Bloody hell, you have so got to feel sorry for the new mother. Read all here.

*Manic Street Preachers