Saturday, February 23, 2008

Two-Faced Cunt*

Arsene Wenger on today's incident. Just how irritating is this guy? Okay, the tackle was not good and the resultant injury was sickening (hope Eduardo gets well soon), but the referee took the appropriate action - i.e. sent Taylor off. But let us cast our minds back just seven days and we remember what he said after his own players were going in with the studs raised and taking kicks at Nani, just cos the United player had the audacity to play a bit of keepy-up when the Arse got well tanned in the FA Cup tie. For those who don't remember, he said:
"We were incensed and most rightly so.
"It is difficult enough to swallow when you are three or four goals down - you do not want to be teased or humiliated."

He should have been more incensed at his players' performance as it was absolutely pathetic! But, instead, he excuses some disgusting behaviour - nothing less than assault really - by those he teaches the beautiful game to. Cunt!

UPDATE: Wenger apparently put out a statement later on saying he shouldn't have said what he said and that maybe his words were said in haste. So, good on you Arsene for taking that back. Still a cunt, mind!

* Don't know if any band has penned such a song but they should


Blogger J.J said...

Arsene was totally out of order saying what he did. His selective blindness has long gone beyond a joke.

That injury was simply horrific, but like many have already said, the tackle didn't seem malicious - Taylor just wasn't fast enough to deal with Eduardo.

As for that record - if Cliff Richard never recorded it, he really should.

8:39 pm  
Blogger Martin said...

I was gobsmacked when he talked about "killing people", I thought he must have said "kicking". I think that's what prompted the retraction, although he wasn't specific about what he regretted saying.I bet he still thinks Taylor should be banned for life.

What's Arsenal's disciplinary record under him like? Anyone know?

1:22 pm  
Anonymous marc said...

That's why they call him Arsene Whinger....

Have a heart y'all -- Plenty on his mind -- maybe he has a lot of French S.G. (Societe Generale) stock & we all know that has not been doing 'too well' at all... (Reidski & JJ will know what I'm referring to!)

4:04 pm  

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