Sunday, February 24, 2008

On Top *

Well done Tottenham, fully deserved it!

*The Killers


Blogger J.J said...

Message for Marc. You must be so happy!

8:44 pm  
Anonymous marc said...

YES!!! The match was not televised here (well, it was but for the rich cunts who want to splash out extra for it!!) but the result was a beaut. Cheers for the support. A good day all round -- Barca won & Real Madrid lost so that's wide open. Result(s). Yes!!!

And note to Messalina: maybe this silver will convince Berbatov to stay!

1:54 pm  
Anonymous marc said...

JJ: And further continuing the winning streak, was well chuffed to see my man, Cormac McCarthy, get his due at the Awards last night with 'No Country' (taken from his fine novel) cleaning up. Usually, the awards are shite but occasionally some justice. Was sorry to hear from 'somewhere' that you were somewhat rattled by the film. Understandable. What was perhaps more frightening (& gave me nightmares) than Bardem's character was his haircut!!

2:07 pm  

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