Saturday, March 10, 2007

Penny For Your Thoughts *

Football stuff
Got a sneaky feeling that Boro are going to do ManUtd tonight. While I'm at it, will plump for Chelsea to beat Spurs (sorry Marc), Blackburn to beat Man City (sorry Steve) and don't really know or care about Plymouth v Watford. Really expecting Millwall to carry on their winning ways (trying to ignore the blip against Orient) with a win at home to Carlisle and Cobblers to do Bournemouth and, in the process, make a huge stride to securing their safety in the Third Division.
Tomorrow we have the big one, of course as Celtic take on the forces of darkness. In my opinion, the hoops put on a great show against Milan in the Champions League and, but for some terrible non-decision making from Stephen McManus who should have brought Kaka down about 40 yards from goal, could have taken them to penalties. But, I suppose the best team got through anyway.
Back to tomorrow (in a Marty McFly sort of way), hope we really stuff those Orange bastards. Not that I'm sectarian in any way, but I hate everything to do with thos fuckers - I hate the club, the players, the fans, the ground, their colours, the shape of their fucking faces, the words that come out of their horrible mouths, Govan, (err, calm down Reidski, it's only a game of football). In saying that, I also hate some of our own fans - those who think the wee bit of wafer they eat on a Sunday morning is the body of Christ (stupid fuckers), those who sing songs with lyrics such as "soon there'll be no Protestants at all" and the two blokes who, on separate occasions, have called me a "blue-nosed cunt" in New Cross pubs cos I had the audacity to challenge their blinkered stupidity.
Hey, gonna love this game, aren't I?

Tonight, I'm off to do some celebrity spotting at Joe Allen's - unless my little fucker of a son puts the spoiler on it by doing something stupid like drink salty water to make himself sick like he done last night - what a tosser!

UPDATE: Going nowhere tonight as the ex is ill - probably after the wee shite gave her one of his special drinks! This has its good point (the not going out rather than the ex being ill) as it means I can go down boozer to watch Barca v Real Madrid! Still would much rather have been drinking bloody marys, however!

*Peter Frampton (was Frampton Comes Alive really the best-selling album of 1976?)



Anonymous marc said...

>>While I'm at it, will plump for Chelsea to beat Spurs (sorry Marc)<<

Hey, don't be sorry -- just saw the result, 3-3. Yids are really trying to come back and really hitting their stride, Too bad it's March!

>>means I can go down boozer to watch Barca v Real Madrid! Still would much rather have been drinking bloody marys, however!<<

Sod the bloody marys -- that was one hell of a match. How about wee Messi & his hat trick. What a fucking match!

11:23 pm  
Blogger Reidski said...

Marc - they did blow it, but, then again, shows how Chelsea are not a team who give up just cos they are down 3-1. Now for that Barca v Real Madrid game, what a cracker - best game I've seen this season, without a doubt!

5:53 pm  
Blogger Reidski said...

As for Celtic, we were ace in the first half but woeful after the break. Not as bad as Manchester City were throughout the match, right enough. Were they bad, or what? I was laughing my head off when the TV pictures showed that fan crying her head off (sorry Steve, hope she's no relation). But at least she was passionate, which is more than can be said about the players.

6:08 pm  

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