Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Happy Talk *

I really really should have updated this in the last week cos it has been a great week.

Last week, as stated in previous post, went to see Luke Haines - what a superb set he played. Here it is (and thanks to the geezer over at Haines's site's discussion forum for posting it - but my occastion comments next to some of the songs):

Death of Sarah Lucas - he hates the modern Britart crowd apparently.
The Best Artist
Off My Rocker at the Art School Bop
The Mitford Sisters - you know who this is about
Dead Sea Navigators
Unsolved Child Murder - gloomy and fun at the same time
Leeds United - dedicated to the West Yorkshire Police Force in the 1970s
Baader Meinhof - we all loved them, didn't we?
Bad Reputation - about Gary Glitter, or so I hear.
Me at the Airport
The Walton Hop - about Jonathan King, I hear - theme running here about paedophiles?
The Rubettes - excellent refrain of Sugar Baby Love as he closes.

First encore – on his own without band
Some Changes
Future Generation

Second encore and band join him for stunning finale
Light Aircraft on Fire
Lenny Valentino - best song ever (see a previous post for one of the things I always say)

Anyway, what a superb evening, not spoiled at all by one-time Haines collaborator Sarah Nixey's from Black Box Recorder and her absolute crap support slot.

Great weekend followed, during which I noticed there is a full length set of an Auteurs gig from the LSE in 1999 which downloadable from Haines's site, with the very naughty title of: "No Dialogue with Cunts". It is fandabidoozie.

Superb Monday night followed that, which also featured some beautiful music, but of a more romantic kind of me and other person's own making. Have I mentionedmy fantastic new friend before? I travelled 500 miles on Monday night to be at her side - but it was well worth it. Well, 500 miles for someone who you think is going to be your fantastic friend for 300 years is nothing really!

Methinks more details of my excellent week should be given in the near future, but that's all for now cos I really must go and kick the boy's friends out of the house and cook some dinner.

Talking about the boy, had a meeting at school on Tuesday morning - lucky I caught that last train on Monday night, bye the way - as the boy is in what is know as the gifted and talented scheme, which is some new Labour bollocks that was established a few years back. Anyway, it seems the boy, as I have always always known, is gifted and talented but is such a lazy wee shite that he thinks by not doing anything, everyone will still see his gifts and talents anyway. "No no no", teacher and parents tell the boy. "You have to work harder, ya wee lazy bugger!" New programme is being brought in of encouragement + beatings = results and rewards/awards/less beatings (delete as appropriate)!

* Juanita Hall as Bloody Mary in South Pacific


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Only 300 years?

I'm upset now!


8:20 am  
Blogger Reidski said...

Sorry, let's make it 600!

9:13 am  
Blogger Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Millennium anyone?

Shucks, you're like kids!

5:38 pm  

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