Thursday, April 12, 2007

Love und Romance*

Can't remember if JJ has mentioned our trip to see her beloved Northampton take on Leyton Orient at Brisbane Road last weekend. But, anyway, very enjoyable it was. Well, steak the night before was enjoyable, as was the copious quantities of wine we had. And the walk along the river on the morning of the match was nice - hey, just remembered now, she mentioned the walk along the river at Greenwich the day before but never mentioned this one, harrumph! - as we took in Limehouse and surrounding areas before having lunch at the Grapes, sitting next to another group of Cobblers fans. So off to the match we go in plenty of time for having a pint in Leyton before kick off - or so we thought. One pub in the fucking area and that looked a right dive and it was packed. And - with apologies to anyone who lives in the area - that high street looks a right fucking dump, with nothing going for it whatsoever (I will so never live in east London)! So we get into the ground early with me thinking that I'll at least get a pint in a plastic cup in there - stupid idiot that I am. Anyway, I wouldn't say it was the best match I had ever been to (cos it wasn't) but the right result was had. And I'll never forget the sight of the middle-aged Orient fan in their stand making that wanker sign and then making that sign to invite people to come over for a fight - what a saddo and embarrassing beyond belief! Still, I enjoyed every minute of it and love every minute when I am with JJ - yes, soppy git that I am!

Back to now, JJ is appearing on my doorstep on Sunday and will be here for five whole fantastic days. We have one problem, though ... what are we going to do? Before I go on, YP, this is not an invitation for any smutty remarks, okay?? We are off to see Camera Obscura on Wednesday night, but apart from that, our week is free. I think we should go to the V&A as neither of us has been before. I think even a short visit to the Tate Modern, as those slides are spectacular. A drive in the country would be nice - and, as the weather is nice, maybe get as far as Camber Sands. So what else? Suggestions for our cultural enlightenment are now open!

*The Slits



Blogger J.J said...

The Grapes - another ace pub!

And that Orient supporter was hilarious...he just didn't realise it.

8:30 am  
Blogger John said...

Given the post below this one, I would suggest you spend the week practicing your shooting.

Let me rephrase that.

10:40 am  
Blogger Reidski said...

JJ - he really was brilliant ... what a sad man he is.

John - cheeky boy. No need to practice the kind of shooting you're talking about, but can't say much for my dribbling before and afterwards though. And you asked for that, btw!

6:13 pm  

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