Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Number One Song In Heaven *

Taking advantage of having the house to myself this morning by playing music extremely loudly. As I write, NWA are on with Fuck the Police, which followed Straight Outta Compton, and I'm thinking: "Are there two better songs ever written?" Right, I know that when I think for a moment that the answer is obviously "Yes", but, right at this precise moment, the answer is "No!" Quality, pure fucking quality! Well, come on, a band which comprises Dr Dre, Ice Cube, Eazy-E and Mc Ren - that's beyond class, isn't it?

Anyway, before that, I looked through my vinyl and decided to give the soundtrack to Diva a listen to, which includes a most amazing aria from La Wally by Wilhelmina Wiggins Fernandez. Classic film, and a classic soundtrack. But what strikes me when I take it out of its cover is how thick the plastic is on this disc. Does anyone else have this on vinyl and do you notice this too? Just thought I'd ask!

Saw this great description of the film on some web site which goes by the name of Heartless Bitchfest on film, or something like that:

This is an excellent film portrayal of Delacorta's slim novel, now become a cult classic. The male characters are great -- worthy of honorary Heartless Bitch membership, right down to the extras. Check out the strong female characterisation, which is everywhere. The film opens with Luna, refugee, survivor, and a thief with a heart of gold. A modern day Robin Hood who appears to steal for sport -- useless, frivolous items from people too rich even to notice--stuff that she immediately gives away. Be inspired by the gorgeous black opera singer Wilhelmina Wiggins Fernandez, whose character eschews untold wealth to protect her artistic integrity, chooses to sleep with the skinny postman (when she could have anyone), and is only ever-so-slightly vulnerable at the end, which can be explained away in terms of artistic temperament. Her rendition of the "avalanche" aria from La Wally is the film's recurring musical theme, and you will NEVER forget it. Add a helping of Tennison-like gritty female cop, a dollop of whistle-blowing former moll (who dies for her bravery) and you have the perfect recipe for a Heartless Bitchfest sans pareil. Magnificent.

* Sparks


Blogger Nat said...

'fuck you I won't do what you tell me...'

Keep anti terror-gating the establishment!

N xx

(Am drunk.....sorry.... xxx)

4:46 pm  
Blogger Nat said...

it's not 4.46 pm where I am! It's totally beer time!

N xx

4:48 pm  
Blogger Reidski said...

nat: you're pissed .... AGAIN!! But beer time is definitely my favourite time of the day!

And I like the Rage Against The Machine lyric, by the way!

5:37 pm  
Anonymous Voroshilov said...

"Life ain't nuthin' but bitches and money" Tha Cube!

8:52 pm  
Anonymous David Duff said...

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10:49 pm  
Anonymous David Duff said...

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9:29 am  
Blogger Jim said...

Your blog looks weird using firefox at the moment. This post isn't visible and the others are away down the page somewhat. Nevertheless since you are on the subject of Diva, I gotta comment. One of my absolute favourite films. Seedy, in many ways like a LNV song, but really, really arty. I still remember the look of shock on the faces of a houseful of people at Jim Stewart's house on a Friday Night way back in 1982-3, there or there abouts when it first came out in Video, when the assembled viewers (video recorders weren't widespread then so a gang came round) suddenly realised after the opening credits that is was subtitled!

10:40 am  
Anonymous David Duff said...

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6:00 pm  
Blogger Just Jane said...

I do not know I am sure. I leave you alone for a few days and Mr Duff comes visiting...and I do not know what he has been insulting you with this time.

Croatian keyboards a bit strange...Y is bottom left and Ž, Č, Đ and Ž all feature. See you on Friday darlingxxx

10:11 pm  
Anonymous Messalina said...

Oh dear, I had better watch Diva again. I remember going to see it at the Odeon Tottenham Court Road when it was first released and thinking it was a load of pretentious pish. However, don't you find that your appreciation of films is influenced by the person you go to see them with? This could be so, in this case. I don't mean that you are influenced by what the other person thinks of the film (though you might be), but that your feelings about that person get mixed in to your reaction to the film. All the films I have seen with you Reidski have been works of genius, of course.

9:20 am  
Blogger Reidski said...

Jim: Dont know what you mean about all that firefox stuff, i have a computer and I use it - period!

Jane: He didn't insult me at all. Let's talk about everything but that wank stain on Friday, cannae wait!

messalina: what an incredibly interesting point. Need to think about that one and discuss over a glass of wine or lamb warp (well, you will know what I mean).

11:40 pm  
Blogger chew a horn! said...

whoa did i miss anything? you and dave d are still at it? fill me in again, what happened? and just commenting cos you've NOT added my new blog link!
ardeesign dot com.

4:42 pm  

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