Sunday, January 07, 2007

My My, Hey Hey *

John, from Counago & Spaves, wanted a link from me from the New York Times. I dread to think what he intends to do with it, but here it is nevertheless.

Btw, if anyone else wants to read about how you can learn all sorts of stuff while sleeping - I kid you not! - then I would recommend it. For those who aren't that bothered about reading stuff on how you can learn to "overcome fear of clowns" or "master the bagpipes" while sleeping, then I wouldn't bother.

I'll return later to write about how JJ and I had a great time last night. I may also return to talk about the forces of darkness - as I write they are desparately pressing for an equaliser after having been 3-0 down to Dunfermline.

So, I'll listen to the rest of the match and then settle down to watch Villa v ManU, which I may also return to discuss.

*Neil Young and Crazy Horse



Blogger John said...

Cheers, Reidski. It even has a name: Coulrophobia.

What's fear of dwarves called?

5:21 pm  
Blogger John said...

Don't return to discuss the Villa match unless you're going to say how unlucky the Villa were not to get the replay. Darren's already crossed the line.

5:26 pm  
Blogger Reidski said...

John 1 - My pleasure. Do one thing - go to google and type in "fear of dwarves" and you will certainly enter a world which is full of madness.

At this link - - you can find stuff like fear of peanut butter, spatulas, touching wet paper, touching paper when fingers are wet, etc etc.

John 2 - to be honest, I thought it a bit boring. The shots on target count said a lot. But so did Villa's inability to get their full-backs and midfielders making runs up the wings - time and time again, the central midfielders were looking to put the ball up the channels but no-one in a white shirt would move!

5:42 pm  

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