Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Sweet Sweet *

I'm off down the pub to watch this as it's sure to be a right laugh. Hun fans must really be wondering what the hell has gone wrong this season and many have come round with one answer - Paul le Guen! Talking to some who watch them every week, they suggest that every signing he has made this season has been a disaster, while many of those stalwarts of the team look as if they don't know what they should be doing. The latest decision of the manager to strip Ferguson of the captaincy seems totally barmy, while giving the armband to a player (Gavin Rae) who doesn't feature as a first-team regular and who only last week asked for a transfer seems equally as bizarre. So come on Motherwell, take a great opportunity tae get it right intae thum, as we say in the cold country!

But, before I go a word on the darts final last night. What a cracker! Taylor goes 3-0 up and Barney looks like he will not hit a double if the final lasts a week. But, suddenly, he's on form and they eventually see the scores at five sets all. With the winner being the first player to seven, they then trade a set each. Barney bangs in 180 after 180 and is on a nine-darter twice. Twice he misses out. Taylor meanwhile is deadly on the doubles. They go into a decider and it looks like anyone's title. The winner has to win by two clear legs. Neither player can do this and it goes to six sets all and five legs all, so it's sudden death time and they go for the bull to decide who goes first. Taylor lands in the outer ring and Barney is plum in the centre of the bull. Barney throws well, but Taylor puts in a 180 and we think that's it. But Barney comes back with a 180 of his own and he pulls away for victory. Taylor was gracious and extremely sporting in defeat, while Barney was modest in victory. Two superb players and one brilliant final. Televised sport does not come much better than that. Are you waiting for some ironic quip, cos you're not getting one - I LOVE DARTS!

And finally, what a superb victory for Millwall yesterday, another 4-1 with Byfield scoring a hat-trick. I am now optimistic that they can survive as they now know how to score goals. And, if it wasn't for the downpour at Sixfields on Saturday, that would have been three victories in a row. Yes, Coookie, we done your Kent boys good and proper!!

*Smashing Pumpkins



Blogger J.J said...

It should have been you!!!

In the darts final I mean.

8:54 am  
Blogger Reidski said...

I could have been someone - I could have been a contender! And I can just picture you with the other WAGS screaming your head off as I walk to the oche!

2:15 pm  

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