Friday, December 22, 2006

Sleep *

Three hours sleep last night, so I should be in a right fucking strop of a mood. Wait, that's wrong, I only had two and a half hours sleep and I should be in a right fucking strop of a mood. Particularly as when I got in from work today my computer was playing up after I had thought I had sorted said problem couple of nights ago. In fact, at that point, I WAS in a right fucking strop of a mood. But, then, a restart on the computer seemed to do the trick. Then, a few e-mail exchanges with JJ followed. Then, thoughts of us going out to La Lanterna in Brockley tonight. Those last two things have really changed my mood. I'm no longer in a right fucking strop of a mood, but, rather, I'm in a right fucking ecstatic kind of a mood. No work until 08.00 hours on January 8th 2007. Nice evening with JJ tonight. Superb!

Oh, almost forgot, excellent posts from Darren Inveresk today as he not only shows us some wonderful goals from Zico, but informs us that the new Luke Haines CD is reviewed in some horrible right-wing newspaper today. I must download, err, I mean, buy it!

* Wah (no I ain't going to tell the Pete Wylie story again, okay?)



Anonymous marc said...

Some pretty heavy mood swings there, my man! Strop to sop in one hour. Ya know, there's medication for that. Oh yeah -- but you knew that......

7:30 pm  
Blogger J.J said...

Yes Marc - and it was comprised of Bloody Mary's, fine wine and amaretto (which I can't spell!)

Happy Christmas Marc!

2:51 pm  
Blogger Reidski said...

Marc - the medication worked a treat.

JJ - you told it like it was!

9:04 pm  

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