Thursday, December 14, 2006

I Wonder *

It's the draw for the last 16 of the Champions League tomorrow morning and I'm still wondering how Celtic managed to make it. Three away games and nine goals conceded does not make for pretty reading and, take the Old Trafford game alone, it could have been a helluva lot more. But, we got through on the basis that, in Europe, we have an amazing home record. The good news is that we won't face Manure in this round, nor can we face Real Madrid, Barcelona or Inter. But we can get some tasty teams and here they are:

AC Milan
Drew 0-0 in their match against Torino at the weekend and lie a lowly 15th place in the Italian league as a result of being docked points as a result of this. Even without being docked the points, they would still only be in sixth place, way behind Inter at the top, so they do not represent the biggest challenge to Celtic.
Reidski rating: Celtic could run them close and we could even just nick it.

Blowing hot and cold in the Premiership this season and look as if they really need Thierry Henry in the team and well in form for them to do much. They done well to get to the Champions League final last season when Celtic old boy Henrik Larsson came off the bench and changed the game.
Their constant attempts to walk the ball into the net rather than getting it out to the wings and whipping in the crosses or taking a chance from the edge of the area is a big negative factor. I am serious when I say that neither Lee Naylor nor Paul Telfer/Mark Wilson (whoever gets picked on the right) will have much trouble down the flanks.
Reidski rating: Drawing Arsenal could be Celtic's best hope of getting through to the last eight.

Bayern Munich
Beat Cottbus 2-1 at the weekend and were unbeaten in the league stages to reach the last 16. A team which comprises the likes of Van Bommell, Roy Makaay, Pizarro, Sagnol and one of the 2006 World Cup heroes Schweinsteiger must be regarded as formidable.
Reidski rating: They'll hammer us in Munich, so we have no chance.

They can really scrape those 1-0 and 2-1 victories in the Premiership and the Champions League. They were in a tough group in the league stages but still topped it and nearly sent Barca out.
Reidski rating: They'll do us, but it might be tighter than people may think.

They've started scoring four goals in every game. Celtic have done well against them in recent years but with Gerrard improving since his lethargic looking performances earlier in the season and his shooting range along with Crouch up front, Celtic's defence would be under pressure. They also coasted through to this round of the Champions League, even though they were hammered by Galatasaray.
Reidski rating: Don't think Celtic could withstand the Liverpool attack.

Celtic simply have no chance whatsoever agains the French champions. They have lost only once in the French league this season and beat PSG 3-1 last week. Wiltord, Malouda, Juninho (who can take free-kicks every bit as good as Nakamura), Tiago and Diarra - that is one formidable group of players and no wonder they are unbeaten in this year's Champions Leage ... and they played Real Madrid twice.
Reidski rating: Celtic would get totally annihilated in France and our home record will look rather different if they visit Glasgow.

Another side to have scored four goals at the weekend, they did it against Deportivo La Coruna. They have taken a stroll to this stage in the competition, but a look at their away record in the league gives some hope, having won only once this season. But a team with the likes of David Villa, Vicente, Baraja and Joaquin can't be taken lightly.
Reidski rating: Another thrashing away with only our home game giving any hope of getting through.

Of course, what the fuck do I know about football, eh?

* Blind Melon



Blogger The Great Blandini said...


Is that like fives?

11:18 pm  
Blogger Reidski said...

TGB - no, it's like elevenses!

11:29 pm  
Blogger gordon said...

AC Milan! good luck.

11:17 am  
Anonymous marc said...

Celtic playing the Arse was on my wish list -- not sure if it's more for the humiliation factor or the ease of a result. Much as those whingers protest that they are fine with or without T.H., we all know they're not. Chelsea match would be a cracker because they're slick & fast but not unbeatable.
Have fun this weekend, btw.

4:17 pm  
Blogger Reidski said...

Gordon - cheers, I'm confident about this one!

Marc - I would much have preferred the Arse, but, as I say, I'm confident we can do Milan. And I'm just about to hit the town to meet them, so I do need that good luck!

6:08 pm  
Anonymous Darren said...

We're going to get spanked big time.

Thought I would do a bit of role reversal and turn up in your comment box predicting doom and gloom. ;-)

Btw, disappointed to see that you've sold out to beta blogger.

6:13 pm  
Blogger timesnewroman said...

The only way I could comment was to sell out to beta blogger Darren, how come you did it???? Anyways AC Milan, San Siro scary thought, they'll gub you there, ParkheaD diffirent story, but you'll have to do really really well at home. I wish you luck though. I hope you make it all the way and I hope Gary Caldwell misses the final cos he's still injured. And before you start, yeah, I am still bitter and I won't just get over it!

8:56 am  

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