Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Something for the Weekend *

I really must get round to blogging about what an utterly brilliant and perfect weekend I had there and it was so good in so many ways. First up, JJ was with me – cue dreamy camera work with love hearts dancing around my head. Second, we danced – cue Paul Kay routine about older men on the dance floor. And you don’t get to hear about the third thing – and, no, there were no videos involved! But more on that later in the week when I have time to do it.

I should also get round to blogging about the absurdity of a foreign government taking over an English football team. Okay, money from Middle East oil is pretty much the same as money from Russian oil or, for that matter, Icelandic biscuits: it’s all been made from the exploitation of labour and natural resources. But, again, more on that another time.

* Super Furry Animals


Blogger J.J said...

Not Peter Kay.

More like Fred Astaire.

(I was n't drunk that night at all was I?)

10:17 am  
Blogger cookie monster said...

so would you object if a foreign billionaire took over 'wall reidski?

if it brings good times to my club then i couldnt give a monkeys where the money comes from!

10:00 pm  
Blogger Reidski said...

JJ - you weren't drunk, I was like Freddie baby.

cookie - we had a billionaire take over the club this season and he's done fuck all. In fact, he's spent more on plans to redevelop fucking Bermondsey than he has in the team. And our last fucking owner - who, incidentally sold a company which he bought for £1 for £100 million a few months ago - took out a whole lot more than he put in. Although, to be fair, Theo did save us in the 90s when we were minutes from folding!

11:31 pm  
Blogger Yorkshire Pudding said...

Whaddya mean "there"? Where the millwalling cobblers were you? Let me guess - tother side of Hadrian's Wall or tother side of M25 in a rustic Northants hamlet doing a Morris dance?

12:16 am  
Blogger Kevin Williamson said...

The story of the disaster that is currently engulfing Heart of Midlothian FC (there, I said it, without grimacing) is a salutary lesson in accepting any old dodgy East European with wads of dosh to throw around.

1:47 pm  
Anonymous Messalina said...

Reidski was at the firm's annual dinner and dance. And, readers, I saw him dance for the first time ... I mean it was the first time I saw him dance, though it may have been the first time he had danced, too.

4:57 pm  
Blogger Reidski said...

Kev - I couln't agree more.

Messalina - forget the fact that I did dance and explain just how groovy I actually was on the dance floor. It was real Friday Night Fever!

5:41 pm  

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