Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Drive *

I was taken on the most lovely drive round Northampton and one or two villages just outside the city last Saturday night. Before we did that, however, we had a drink here, which is a lovely chilled out place to have a drink and to have your best friend take it easy and relax following yet another home defeat for her football team. I'm glad that, when she said "let's go to the Old White Hart" she did mean the one in Northampton and not here, because this was the scene of Reidski being told he was a "blue-nosed cunt" by a very friendly fellow Celtic fan, but that's another story. Back to last Saturday night ...

After the pub, there was not much doubt where to head to next - here! It is totally fabulous. It is rather inexpensive. The staff are very friendly. You can take your own bevvy. But don't - just don't - let your fellow diner talk you into having loads of poppadums and a starter cos you just WILL NOT be able to eat your main dish, which are out of this fucking world! Doggie bags were taken.

And then onto the drive. I saw nan and granddad's house. I saw childhood house. I saw brownies' hall. I saw local pub. I saw friend's massive house. I saw venue for village quiz. But then, sadly, I saw the time and had to go and catch the last train home. But what I didn't see was something very important to me........

..... button from front of trousers. Where the fuck is it? Had to travel all the way home with hands in pocket holding kecks up!

And what a fantastic time I had! Thanks JJ!


P.S. On a totally unrelated matter, this new annoying Blogger Beta thingy and the e.g. on "Labels for this post" which those of you without beta cannot see - has anyone noticed why I would find this funny? Hint: "scooters, vacation, fall"

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Blogger J.J said...

I always smile when I see the suggested labelling adn I can't help but think it is directed at you.

I will keep looking for your missing button.

9:08 am  
Blogger george walks said...

They didn't let me join Beta, but I can still see the labels through your masks*.

*Dylan, kinda.

6:18 pm  
Blogger Reidski said...

JJ - well, I was on vacation when it happened!

George - my masks? I'm slow, so you'll have to explain.

11:25 am  

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