Saturday, January 06, 2007

Back to Work *

I may have mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I wasn't due to return to work after the holidays until Monday 8th January, well...

Chatting to JJ last week about our plans and happened to mention that I was working on the first Saturday after my return to work. "What," she asks, "the 13th?" And then it hit me like a bullet between the eyes that, no, I wasn't returning to work on the 8th but, rather, back on Saturday 6th as I had put myself down to do the Saturday rota first weekend of the year. So, here I am, earlier than expected, back at work.

And how did I end my break, was it with the planned trips to galleries, museums and an early return to the gym? Nah, I've been lounging about doing not much this week. Except, of course, for a marathon stint at watching the last series of the Sopranos.

And yesterday I did not do much apart from worrying about JJ following this episode.

Although I did manage to make some preparations for tonight's dinner, after which we shall relax in front of the box with a good film and before which we watch Liverpool v Arsenal. Millwall, of course, are already out. After holding Championship side Stoke for around 83 minutes, the Lions then gave away an own goal followed by another. So we'll concentrate on the league from now on.

Yesterday was also the start of me having this, which rendered me speechless - yes, everyone was thankful!

Oh, and I did watch Ugly Betty and found it interesting, but was worried when JJ explained to me that it was a comedy as I didn't laugh once throughout the entire 60 minutes.

And, now? Back to work!

*Barbara Streisand



Blogger gordon said...

Agree about Ugly Betty. I'm sure it would make a good drama or soap but funny?

1:59 pm  
Blogger Spunky Trunks said...

Reidski you are star comrade.

It is good to know not everyone is taken in by the multi millionaire corporate football monopoly.

Johnson is defo not diving at the moment.

Have a great 2007 comrade.

2:08 pm  
Blogger Reidski said...

Gordon - don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed it, but, as you say, only if we treat it as drama rather than a comedy! Maybe it will get funny as the series goes on!

Spunky trunks - thanks for the comments and you too have a great 2007. I do have to admit to following one big club - in fact, one of the biggest in the world - with Celtic being my first team. But, I must say, for a laugh and not a little humility on many occasions, you can't beat the lower leagues. And, no way is Johnson a diver. And, finally, it wasn't you with that superb helicopter as a Chrimbo pressie, was it - it looked totally fantastic?

12:09 pm  

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