Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I'm Alive *

All rumours of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. No blogging simply as a result of having no home computer and having too much work to do at work that I cannot take time out to do any blogging - not that I should be blogging at all at work cos the members of the organisation that I work for would be fucking outraged if they thought they were paying me to blog all day!

First things first, have had some amazingly beautiful nights out and some very amazingly beautiful nights in with JJ since I last wrote to you, my dear friends. She has documented some of our escapades driving through London and driving to Brighton last week. She was kind enough not to mention that what was once my favourite Indian restaurant, Babur in Honor Oak Park, has gone fucking posh. As I told JJ on the way there, it was never a curry and rice type restaurant, always having a menu that was out of the ordinary. But it's gone a step further and I know it is not for the better. That is not to say that the food is not lovely, it was, it's just not the kind of place I like going to. No excuse for her failing to mention the sunset we viewed together while sitting having wine al fresco in Telegraph Hill Park - it was a lovely sight indeed! Oh, and then we went to my house and watched the Wicker Man, but, of course, DVD was paused when Britt was about to strut her stuff and my very kind friend performed the dance live instead - I wish!!! No mention also of a very excellent lunch at The Spaniards in Hampstead the following day. But maybe cos, boo hoo, that's because JJ had to leave for home shortly afterwards.

We also had a kind of a celebration last night as it marked six months since we first met - excellent pate, superb steaks and brilliant chips at Chez Gerard in Charlotte Street (and lots of kisses and cuddles, of course).

World Cup? Well, I had been saying "best one in my lifetime", but that was up until the quarter finals, when the quality took a bit of a dip. What the fuck were Argentina up to against Germany? Substitution madness when they took the lead when taking off Riquelme - stupid fuckers! Germany deserved to beat them after that nonsense. As for Brazil - total fucking pish against France and I was glad those over-rated (yes, by me as well, I'm not bothered about admitting) tossers. One of the highlights of the tournament for me was Germany v Italy semi, that was everything that a game of football should be - end-to-end action, with both teams really going for it. The final was okay, don't need to say much more about that and definitely don't need to say anything more on THAT incident as it has already got far too much words written on it by people who know football a lot more than I do. I will say that it all kind of fizzled out a bit in the latter stages - but get your money on Spain for the next European Championships and the next World Cup, they are absolute certainties.

Have been having to deal with some offspring problems tonight. He bunked off school for the first time (that we know about) last week. That's one thing - well, can't really be hypocritical and lay into him for that as I didn't go to school for about two out of the four secondary school years - but what is not on is the way he's giving his mum a very hard time at the moment. Much talking back, much extremely rude behaviour, much telling her he hates her and he's going to run away from home and much of not getting up on time for school and generally being a fucking wee shite bag. I was round on Saturday night and for much of Sunday and thought he was pretty well behaved. But things took a turn for the worse this morning. So I came round tonight to have a quiet word. I think he took on board my comments, particularly when I told him that, as his mum's dad is dying at the moment and has only got a matter of weeks or months to live, he really really should be a bit nicer to her. Talking of the boy's maternal grandfather, he is a wonderful bloke with his own pecularities, but, of course, we all have those. I always think of him as a really strong bloke, tall and happy. Unfortunately, at the moment, he is very weak and can hardly stand up on his own and falls asleep for most of the day and is always in absolute agony as the cancer he is suffering from has seeped into just about every bone in his body. He is drugged up to the eyeballs just to stem the pain, but this puts his mind a bit out of action. The hope is that he can be around to see his beloved Reading play in the Premiership. In fact, it would be great if they could win a few games early in the season and see them - probably briefly - top the league. But we can only wish. As my ex is one of my oldest and dearest friends, I'm trying to help out as much as I can, particularly as she does - and really always has done - the majority of bringing our son up. I'm also trying to help out cos he's my son too and it really shouldn't be thought of as anything other than normal for me to look after my own child.

As well as carrying out parental duties tonight, I've also been putting on a second coat of paint on the kitchen ceiling and walls, first one having been put on as part of my pre-World Cup final build-up - yes, such fun, fucking not!! So second coat put on tonight and my body is well painful (feel a bit ashamed to say I'm in pain considering what I wrote about the boy's grandfather above, but there we go!) as I played football after work. Scored five absolute fucking crackers by the way, one of which had everyone on the pitch applauding me, which made me beam with stupid pleasure - yes, I know, what a sad fucker I am! But we still got beat - again!

Talking of football, Lennon signed an extension to his contract (shit), Petrov still wants away (shit), we haven't got a midfield or attack or defence that will do anything in the Champions League (shit) and Millwall got beat 2-0 and 4-0 on their two friendlies in Iceland in the last week (shit). Yes folks, the football season has started again - whoopppeee!!

So here I am, writing a load of crap for this blog, listening to Tindersticks, drinking neat Sainsbury's White Rum and thinking: "Will I ever write anything of interest on this blog ever again?"

* 999


Blogger Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Nice to have you back and of course... yadda yadda... you know.

Sorry to hear about said offspring trauma: urgh. Being a parent is SO hard. Lovely that JJ and you are celebrating the months together - even if she didn't treat you to that spectacular bit of dancing from the Wicker Man (come on JJ! you can do it!)

BTW Tindersticks. Brilliant. If you want something so bleak its hilarious you can never beat "My Sister" from their second album. Knockout track.

12:40 pm  
Blogger Darren said...

Until you left me a comment on my blog this morning, I was fearing the worst:
South London Press
"Ayrshire exile, Reidski, 59, died in a tragic accident last Monday morning in his South London home when his CD collection fell on top of him, crushing him to death. His body lay undiscovered for several days, until the manager of his local HMV - worried that the branch's takings were 27% down on the previous week - contacted the police to report the disappearance of their most free-spending customer. In a statement released to the press, the Police Coroner disclosed that in all probability it was the Wishbone Ash boxset that delivered the fatal blow."

Glad to see you back blogging. Sorry to read of your problems with the chip off the old hoddie. If random threats of violence don't work, could I suggest blackmail? Just tell him you'll start posting photos of him as an infant on your blog, and that you will be sending the links to his friends etc. That'll put him right.

2:04 pm  
Blogger J.J said...

Lisa....strictly no such dancing!

And Reidski, does dArren know something I don't? FIFTY NINE!!!???

5:57 pm  
Anonymous marc said...

Can't wait for 23 Sept -- Lions/Cobblers at the Den!!!!!

Oh, that was a great scene in Wickerman....

6:55 pm  
Blogger Reidski said...

thanks lisa - yes, being a parent can sometimes be hard, but most times it is nothing less than brilliant. I must tell the truth, JJ did actually do THAT dance.

Darren, you got the age wrong, it's 57! Yes, blackmail ... I'll try that!

JJ - I put him right on the age front.

marc - that will be one special game of football that day. And, yes, what a dance - well, the version I saw was great anyway.

7:02 pm  
Blogger Jim said...

Welcome Back*

Tell the members of your organisation that you are blogging on your smoking break. I know they get them!

The lad, that age anyway, possibly asserting some macho shit as he's the man in the house now. That and he's probably bothered a bit about you moving out. Kids like change even less than we do.

(Health Warning! I have absolutley no qualifications in Psychology)

Tell your ex mrs tnr and I are asking for her, re her dad. When it reaches the bones the medication is to knock you out as much as numb the pain, because it can't touch the pain.

Icelandic Friendlies?? You mean there are 2 teams in Iceland and Millwall can't beat any of them?

Oh dear season bodes well.

7:15 am  
Blogger Jim said...

*Trashcan Sinatras

7:16 am  
Blogger Moo said...

Wow, you're back! Im sure your son will be fine, my bro skipped a couple of lessons a couple of weeks ago quite funny really since his teacher phoned my dad to tell him! They forget everyone done it, apart from me because I was a good innocent girl who loved every minute of school...not!!

3:40 pm  
Blogger Reidski said...

Jim - yer talking pish about that "man of the house" business.
He doesn't like change and he hasn't adjusted to my moving out as well as we had first thought and hoped. But it's not macho behaviour he's displaying, simply bloody rude behaviour. And it's usually displayed in the mornings cos he's too f'n lazy to go to school.

Moo - yes, I'm sure he will eventually be fine. Talking to those who teach recently and I'm told that Yr 9 boys traditionally have a problem. One reason being given is that the novelty of being at the big school has worn off and leaving and/or exams seem many years in the future. School holidays start at the end of next week anyway, so no need to worry about school until September.
Oh, and I can't believe a nice girl like you would have missed any lessons ...

4:51 pm  
Blogger Jim said...

Och well, the not wanting to go to school bit's funny. Possibly a genetic thing then. Fancy having to go to school on a nice day like this anyway. Our lot have been out for two weeks now. Travel is bliss.

On the pre season front Celtic look as good as Milwall almost. Straight Red Card in a pre season friendly, what is Miller about?

5:49 pm  
Blogger J.J said...

Please, please, please believe me...I did NOT do that dance. Well, OK, I did at the time when the film was made but my contract strictly forbade me speaking publicly about being Britt Ekland's body double. OOOPS!

12:09 am  
Blogger Reidski said...

Jim - on the football front, yes, Millwall doing as well as Celtic. If Celtic finish in the top three this season, I'll be happy. If Millwall finish in the top half, I'll be ecstatic!

JJ - yeh, whatever darling!

11:17 am  

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