Saturday, April 15, 2006

Out On The Tiles *

It all started yesterday with me sitting at home on my own watching Cardiff v Sheffield United. There was a bottle of red wine opened from previous evening. I had to drink it - all of it. And then I watched Wolves v Watford. Then I went down the pub and watched Man Utd v Sunderland. But not before I went online and put a five on Ronaldo to score first and Man U to win 6-0. What a tosser! Me, that is, not Ronaldo. Well, now that I think of it ..
Got up today and thought: "No football on telly until tonight's Spanish offering, so I'll have a walk either into town or into and through Greenwich." But the TV listings tell me that Bolton v Chelsea is on the box, so it's down the pub for me. Then it will be quiet afternoon at home, during which I may even do some housework and definitely do some house-hunting, but that's a different matter altogether and will be discussed some other time. then I will watch the Spanish football and tomorrow there are two more games to watch and then more on Monday. This will all be watched while drinking copious amounts of alcohol - well, it is bank holiday weekend, innit? And it will be interspersed with listen out for the Lions' score. I just wish it was all fucking over with by now. That defeat against Brighton two weeks ago really was the final nail in the relegation coffin and now the inevitable is not very far off - what a shitty season. And to think we won't even be playing derby matches against Brentford or Southend as they will be a league above us. Memories of the last time we were in the third tier are still very much alive, with some of the most tedious and terrible football imaginable on show most weekends. But we shall get to meet Northampton and, talking of which ...

My best friend is on her way to Darlington for what is hoped to be a firm declaration of the Cobblers' determination to take an automatic promotion spot. And mention of my best friend takes me back to Thursday night, during which we had a great walk through Regent's Park, a lovely lovely stroll along the canal to Camden Lock, a quick stop-off for a drink in pub where my best friend is sure she spotted Ewan Macgregor, a stupendous walk up Primrose Hill for what may very well be a close contender (along with Greenwich Park, next to the Observatory) for best view in the world and then on to a superb Greek restaurant for a brilliant meal (but why oh why doesn't she like Retsina?). The lamb she had slid off the bone, while the beef of mine simply melted in the mouth - fucking tasty. To say nothing of the hummous and halloumi for starters!

speak later folks - I'm off down the Marquis of Granby for a shandy!
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P.S. while i did state in my last post that I wouldn't get back to blogging until things had been resolved ... they aren't yet resolved but I did feel like blogging!

* Led Zeppelin


Anonymous marc said...

No Spurs/Everton then???

2:29 pm  
Blogger Reidski said...

That's tomorrow - will be watching at home with a few bottles of beer by my side. I really am a sad fucker, aren't I?

Just back from watching the Chelski, what a truly awful game that was!

Now, I'm off on my bike - which maybe isn't such a good idea after four pints, but fuck it ...

3:22 pm  
Blogger cookie monster said...

what sort of shandy? a hand one?

and your off on your bike? i didnt know you knew my ex!

5:49 pm  
Blogger Reidski said...

Cookie! You are sooo rude!

6:30 pm  
Blogger Moo said...

My head hurts at the thought of red wine, I drank copios amounts of the stuff last night and am sooo regretting it! However Ewan Macgregor is one fine man! If you see him next time your out get his autograph for me....peleaaaaasssseeee??!

8:24 am  
Blogger Just Jane said...

Reidski asked - "(but why oh why doesn't she like Retsina?)".
And the answer is...On account of what it did to me once when I was on holiday in Myknonos...never again.

10:41 am  
Anonymous marc said...

Do share......

5:29 pm  
Blogger Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Just Jane: if the Retsina had anything like the effect of my encounter with Tequila... blurgh and my sympathies. Hallucinating was just the least of my problems with my single T experience...

5:39 pm  

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