Thursday, April 14, 2005

Piss Factory *

I just wrote a long post and fucking lost it. I hate it when that happens.

Anyway, the lost post was called Hopeless Bleak Despair (They Might Be Giants) and described how the boy's team have been stripped of their League Cup trophy for fielding a boy who was around two months too old for the side. This lost post also described how the boy's side's coach made the boy's feel guilty cos the kid on the other side who grassed them up goes to the same school and coach said it was the boys' responsibility to have informed him of this prior to game. The lost post also described how I thought the coach was a dipstick for doing this as the responsibility for fielding over-age players was his and his alone. The lost post also showed how I thought, rather than blame a bunch of 11 year olds (and a couple of 12 year olds, oooooops) the coach should have simply said: "Listen boys, you have known all along that one or two were just a bit too old for the team, but we took the gamble anyway and it hasn't quite paid off." That would have been story over. But, no, coach has to go into long monologue with kids that makes them think THEY have done something wrong.

*Patti Smith


Blogger John said...

What a wanker.

Him, not you.

On a number of counts.

12:14 pm  
Blogger Jim said...

I second John's comment. What you need Reidski, is a proper hobby instead of this blogging mallarkey. What about taking up coaching lads football.

6:34 pm  
Blogger Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Gutted to read about the relinquished trophy. I feel a Cantona rant coming on a la his encounter with the French FA officials.

Idiot, idiot, idiot.

1:09 pm  

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