Sunday, March 27, 2005

The Leader *

Some things to get off my chest tonight, but let's start with my work mess. A "fact-finding inquiry" was undertaken, at which both I and my departmental manager had to give our respective account of things. Inquiry gave report to boss. I was then told by inquiry people that boss would interview me, but they stressed that no formal disciplinary action would be taken. Next day, go into interview and boss says that he has looked into the findings of inquiry and concluded that a simple, but stupid, human error has been made. He adds: "To quote Harry Pollitt, general secretary of the Communist Party, 'the only people who don't ever make mistakes are those who never do anything'."
I sit there thinking: "Reidski does not have heroes, but this guy sitting opposite me is certainly shifting himself into that hitherto empty part of my consciousness that is reserved for such people."

* The Clash - from Sandanista, which is vastly under-rated.


Anonymous Messalina said...

I would like to share the following, from Ken Tynan's diary, which may strike a chord with bloggers and diary-keepers: "I must stop congratulating myself on being able to admit that I am weak. And also on my strength in recommending myself to stop congratulating myself.".

9:35 am  

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