Friday, February 25, 2005

Talkin' About The Good Times *

Reidski's on the ball!!! Posted by Hello

Not yet got round to posting the result of what was a stupendous game of football. Final score may very well have been 10-0 to them, but tells only half the story - NOT! Well and truly stuffed by a team which has gone 31 games (32 now, I suppose) unbeaten. They have made six cup semi-finals this season - all still to be played, by the way - and unbeaten in the league, with only a draw to blot their otherwise unblemished record. As my last post may have hinted at, however, we knew which team were going to win the game. In truth, the chances they had, they should have won by about 20, but we weren't complaining. Reidski played as one of two strikers and didn't once touch the ball in the opposition box.

But the weekend wasn't just about playing a game of football that we knew we weren't going to win, it was also a social occasion so.....after footie was drink in the Railway Club and all the delights that drinking outside the metropolis brings - i.e. the prices and certain drinks that you cannot find anywhere in London. Got a round in and, first of all, noticed there was no Guinness on draught (not a problem personally as I always head for the lager after playing a game of football). A couple of locals in the round also and they asked for .... pint of DOUBLE DIAMOND (yes, they had it) and HARP (couldn't believe they had this, also!). Then the prices - about four pints of lager, pint of Double Diamond, can of Guinness, two halfs of bitter, orange juice and packet of peanuts. I got my weekend-away bundle of cash out only to be asked for £9.35 - wow!

We then went along to the social event that was part of the football - dinner (which served as a fundraiser) to mark the 50th anniversary of the team we played.

Then, afterwards, into Darlington for a night at Escapades night club and what a hoot it was.

First up, we got there only to find huge queue. One of our lot had the great idea of blagging our way in and bypass queue. He only told the doorman that we were "footballers up from London" - which, I suppose, was strictly true - and in we went. Things got a bit hazy all of a sudden, but much flirtation and dancing was had by all, including, believe it or not, me!

Anyway, what a superb weekend away it was, with some of our lot even threatening to make a return visit to the nightclub, so entertaining it was. The only problem, though, was the three-day hangover which followed my return home.

While it was a great weekend, on the actual football front, last weekend was a disaster - we got beat, the forces of darkness beat Celtic, Millwall got done over (again) and the boy's team were done in 2-0 (by the best team in their division). The latter resulted in last night's training being that the 11 and 12-year-old boys standing in the freezing cold and snow storms being shouted at and lectured to by the adult coach, without them doing any football or running about at all - what an arsehole the man is, I'm going to have a word when I see him at 8.30 on Sunday morning.

Football shmootball!!

*Pretty Things - brought to me by wonderful human being TNR.


Anonymous Voroshilov said...

What, eh? You're losing us with this football stuff, man. Whatcha listening to?

5:18 pm  
Blogger john said...

Well I am currently sitting with the kids who are watching Celebrity Fame Academy, and I can't even start to describe just how horrible the singing is I am therefore having to listen to.God, I thought I was a bad singer (OK- I KNOW I'm a bad singer )but at least I only inflict it on others when I am quite exceptionally drunk. But as the children tell me when I is for CHARITY. Nice:-)
PS I don't know how to get rid of the bum shot.. apologies.

9:41 pm  
Blogger Reidski said...

I don't mind the bum shot - it's only Melissina who has "issues" with such things.

8:13 am  
Anonymous Messalina said...

It's one thing to have a bum shot, but quite another not to know how to get rid of it. I think. Talk about two hard boiled eggs in a ... what are they in, exactly?

9:42 am  
Blogger john said...

Oh dear! Hardly dare post! Melissina, I am first to admit that I have zero IT skills. I could never have set up a blog..all down to John. And the photo never used to appear until blogger made their recent changes. But I do maintain that for a 46 year old bloke, he does have a great arse. (And it's a jock strap btw).

8:03 pm  
Blogger Reidski said...

No, no, no, no. Keep posting.

10:13 pm  

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