Friday, February 18, 2005

Genius *

Whooppeeee, less than 45 minutes until the second episode of Nathan Barley. As you will no doubt all be aware by now, Barley is the creation of Charlie Brooker, who co-wrote the series with Chris Morris. Barley originally appeared on Brooker's spoof TV listings site TV Go Home as a character in the series Cunt. But there is also now a dedicated Nathan Barley site here. The listings for Cunt are double-up-with-laughter funny. I also like this picture caption:

"9.15pm Lock Stock and One Fucking Arsehole: Nathan Barley is a
worthless, moneyed little shit who deserves to die."

If you don't get this series, you don't get life.

* Kings of Leon


Blogger John said...

I missed this series first time round on BBC whatever, but it's just excellent. Really enjoying it (see oblique reference last week on C&S).

10:43 am  

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