Friday, February 04, 2005

a.k.a. I-D-I-O-T *

I cannot believe I failed to mention in yesterday's post that my body is wracked in total pain. I say that I cannot believe that I mentioned it because, being a bloke, we usually milk illness, sickness and pain for all it's worth.
Well, I think it all started on Monday with a routine trip to the gym. I thought it was routine, anyway. Had my usual work out on the weights - quite a tought workout, mind you, but nothing unusual. Showered, dressed and got back to the office.
Tuesday brought with it the usual aches and pains in the legs, groin and bum. However, there were also twinges of pain in lower back and in the side. Had a game of football planned for that evening and there's nothing going to stop me from my beloved game, so on I play and didn't really feel any pain at that point, simply an uncomfortable feeling in my side. The 6-1 defeat hurt me more than anything at that point.
Wednesday, more aches and pains, but decided to work these out with trip to gym. So, lunchtime saw me do a quick 500 metres on the rowing machine (under two minutes, flat out), then the cross runner with a slow 30 seconds followed by a flat out 30 seconds followed by slow followed by fast for total of 4 minutes. Then it's immediately on the excercise bike with a slow one minute followed by a flat out two minutes followed by a slow minute followed by flat out two minutes and so on for a total of 12 minutes. Then, as it's lunch time and I have to get back to office, it's only a one kilometre run rather than the ideal 20 minute run. Finished off, got showered and dressed and thought nothing of it.
Thursday morning, and that's when pain set in. Went off to work, nevertheless. And, with badminton planned for lunchtime (do I sound kinda active, by the way?) it was off to sports centre. BUT, it didn't take Reidski long to realise there was a problem. Pause - remember the kind of game badmintion is: all very fast, all stretching for shuttle, all mental. So, Reidski makes an effort cos Reidski likes his excercise. Bad mistake. Half way through, Reidski could hardly move. Reidski walks off. Reidski is in fucking agony. Reidski goes back to work in pain. Reidski is in agony for rest of day, including during excellent reaquintance with old friend in pub last night. Luckily, while pain is still around today, pain is certainly not as bad as it was yesterday. And, hopefully, it won't show up tomorrow when Reidski goes off to watch his beloved Millwall (only Celtic and the Scottish national team top the local football team) take on London rivals and fellow play-off contenders QPR at the Den. It promises to be a good one - well, any game in an executive box is good. The plan is meet colleagues at 11.30, have couple of pints, go off to ground for three course dinner and as much wine and beer that one can drink and enjoy the game. Oh, things like that can be such a hardship, can't they?

Anyway, Reidski finished work at lunchtime today and decided to go to the cineman, museum, galleriers, etc etc etc. None of that happened, surprise surprise. But what did happen was the purchase of some new CDs - Paul Westerberg (Folker), The Streets (A Grand don't Come For Free), The Slits (Cut) and The Fall (Hex Induction Hour). Wow, man, these are seriously good sounds.

* The Hives - in honour of Reidski's failure to realise that 40-year-old alcoholics cannot push their bodies too far!


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