Friday, January 14, 2005

Definitive Gaze *

I very rarely have a spare half hour, so don't normally get around to random blog searching (you know, the next blog button on the top right) or random surfing the net.
But...tonight I did. It must be said that I came across an amazing amount of crap, right enough, but, even so, wow, when you think about how many millions of people out there are doing this moronic thing, it become quite mind-blowing. So, for every crap blog, there is also its anti-matter good cousin.
First, one of the bad ones. The latest comment posted on Wedding goes:

"Evaluating superior Love Question Relationship places online is often hard

What the fuck does that mean???? Anyway, don't look at that one unless that quote means anything to you!

I did enjoy this bloke. I particularly liked his "What the fuck were they thinking awards 2004" post. Very very good it is.

And there was the leftie US christian geezer Tom Herod, whose posts are excellent critiques of the christian right, such as Jerry Fulwell (have I spelt that correctly?), Pat Robertson, et al. Herod is okay, I like him. But, and this is a big BUT, weird inclusion when looking in his profile.
Favourite music: Stevie Wonder, Temptations, Bob Dylan, Howlin Wolf, Rolling Stones, the Eagles and.....wait for it, ..... Del Amitri!!!!! What the fuck is that one doing in some middle-aged yank bloke's record collection? Each to their own, I suppose!

Blogger supreme at the moment has got to be Darren over at Inveresk Street Ingrate (link on the left). He didn't post a comment for around two months and, all of a sudden, he cannot stop writing. He may post some weird and obscure Trotskyist stuff now and again (then again, what is not weird and obscure when it comes to Trotskyism?), but I like his style big time - and I don't say that just because he has the decency to say nice things to me at times. He has a decent taste in music - although the fetish for Lena Martell is way beyond the call of duty in my mind.

Darren's blog I look at just about every day of the week, likewise times new roman, Ardeelee (at Life in Print - what amazing photos she publishes, by the way) and the Scottish Patient, although the latter has been a bit lax on the writing front recently.

Right, that's enough about blogging - I'm bored!

I started worrying about my attitude in the gym today. No, I don't mean that I worried about my attitude in general and that this came upon me in the gym. I suppose I mean my attitude about the gym. I started getting obsessed about my health and fitness - and my ever-expanding beer gut - a couple of years ago. I cycled to work every day, so that at least meant I was doing some exercise. But a new job in a different part of the city meant leaving the bike in the garage. It also didn't help that I was now being paid double my previous wage (although this was definitely the only part of it that was negative) as this resulted in more trips to pub. However, hurrah, hurrah, shortly after starting this new and, it must be said, brilliant job, my new employers arranged for cut-price membership fees for a string of gym clubs. We have one 5 minutes walk from work, so Reidski got in quickly and started working out with the weights, running on the treadmill, rowing on the rowing machines, having a sauna, etc etc, during lunchtimes and after work when I didn't have to pick up the boy from school. Go back a few sentences to the cut-price comment - this was meant to be £16 or so for a month instead of the usual £35. But they messed up my direct debit payments and I still haven't paid a penny in the now nearly two years since I started going. So free gym membership for the Reidski. Working out at the gym is incredibly boring, however. But I've put up with it....until now. No, don't get me wrong, I have no intention of giving up this pastime. But it's been tough this week. I tried a few new routines out and haven't lasted so long. Going into the steam room is ace, so I've still done that one, though. I do know what my biggest problem is: too many nights in the pub. So, come next week, that will be cut down drastically, hopefully......

Side one of Magazine's Real Life (the first song of which is the title of tonight's blog) is about to end, so must go to change over to the equally as brilliant side two.
Nighty nighty.


Blogger Tom Herod said...

Hey Reidski,

Del Amitri happens to write great stuff and I like all kinds of music. By the way, at what age do you have to be to be classified as a geezer? I have to add that one to my list of names I have been called. Check out my November 2004 postings for "What's In A Name" on my blog.


9:16 pm  
Blogger Reidski said...

Hi Tom

It's not age which determines when you become a geezer, but more of a state of mind. And, just in case you were wondering, it's in no way an insulting term, it merely means bloke, guy, bud, etc etc etc.
And Del Amitri? I just found that this obscure Scottish band who had one or two hit songs many years ago on the same list as some soul, r'n'b and rock classics to be rather strange. It just shows you are a man of eclectic tastes.

10:13 am  
Blogger Tom Herod said...

Hi Reidski,

I didn't take offense to the geezer reference. Actually, I thought it was kind of funny. As far as Del Amitri goes, I do tend to seek out lesser known artists still trying to make it to the big time. I particularly like Marc Broussard, Los Lonely Boys, and Citizen Cope right now. I was following Maroon 5 before most of the world heard of them, and I still believe, in my heart, that I discovered Bob Dylan before anyone else on the planet.


6:31 pm  

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