Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Idiot Wind

Snippets from the badlands:

"Charlotte Church has taken up karate - to lose weight. The Welsh diva, 18, is going for lessons twice a week as part of a fitness kick....As well as joining her local karate club in Cardiff she has quit cigarettes."

"Jamie: I'll get son in the oven....TV CHEF Jamie Oliver says he longs for a son."

"Sex and the City star Kim Cattrall has vowed to copy her screen character - by sleeping around."

"Becky (the page three stunna) was shocked to hear that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston had split.........'I just hope they remain good friends'"

"A disgraced Royal Navy chief ordered home from his key Mediterranean posting to face child porn charges has been found dead in his swimming pool."

"Sex mad diet guru bedded patients*
Diet guru Dr Robert Atkins thrived on bacon and LEGS - by bedding his patients and nurses.

*So that's how he kept so slim."

"My John's a useless pig.......but I love him"

These items of "journalism" are all taken from today's edition of the most widely read newspaper in Britain, The Sun. I suppose this is what you get with a so-called free press!

I don't usually read the Sun, but I did pick it up on a Tube train tonight on the way home from yet another defeat at five-a-side football. Yet again it was a group of solicitors who defeated us. The Reidski scored three of our team's five goals in a 8-5 defeat - one of which in particular was a stunning strike on the turn, it must be said. I was getting well pissed off with one geezer who thought that football consisted of throwing his weight into the opposition players' backs (usually Reidski) and kicking many ankles and legs ( again, usually Reidski). But a good time was had by all - the Reidski only lost his temper five or six times!

I've got over my regrets from last week - to paraphrase Billy Joel: "I didn't start the fire."

Oh, and I didn't mention the Celtic victory over the reactionaries in the Scottish Cup. The reason being that I was in mourning cos the boy's side lost a crucial game against the league's top side. Victory would have meant that they could have gone into the last game of the season still with a chance of winning the title. They will now have to settle for second place if they win next sunday.

And, finally.......I'm well excited. Not only do I have tickets to see Gang of Four in a couple of weeks, but I'm also going to see the Trashcan Sinatras next Tuesday - whopppppeeeeeee!!


Blogger Jim said...

You lucky Bastard! Oh and that was Dylan from one of his best Albums, Blood on the tracks. I too claim my TCS ticket as a prize.

7:08 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shame about the football (work team). I hear that your goalie needs to learn how to roll the ball out. Hardly dependent upon physical fitness, one would have thought.

9:23 am  
Blogger ardeelee said...


Trashcan Sinatras????? booooo hoooo for me.

You don't understand that I hate LOS ANGELES. I hate the city. Why do they have to perform there and not SAN DIEGO?????


I'm mad.

8:34 pm  
Blogger Reidski said...

James, it is Dylan, have no opinion on what is the best Dylan album and, no, there is no free prize.

Anonymous, I thought the keeper done okay, no problem with his performance whatsoever.

Ardeelee, you sound rather envious - heeee, heeee, heeee, heeee. Can't wait to tell you all about it. Incidentally, have you noticed that our mutual friend Inveresk Street person has started blogging again - and a superb comeback it is too as he has posted a few crackers.

10:44 pm  

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