Monday, November 22, 2004

Cha Cha Loco

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Wow, man, what a place to go. If you have a spare couple of hundred of quid, go and spend it at Floridita in Wardour Street. What a place. Walking in there felt like I could have been walking onto a scene from Goodfellas or maybe Scarface or the Havana section of the Godfather films - III, I think.
Whichever, it was a totally mind-blowing experience. Went for what I thought was a relatively straightforward seven-year-old Havana Club (only two rocks of ice - a la Reidski whisky or any other form of hard liquer for that matter) while companions went for mojito (two of them) and never-came-across-before-cocktail which was some sort of apple juice and rum affair - very nice they all were.
Then had, in between Reidski flirting with male an female waiting staff - well, I'm like that, okay!! - the most amazing dinner. Starters were some sort of duck job, with jalapeno peppers topped with poached egg. Main course was the most gorgeous and succulent lamb. Apperitif for Reidski was a tobacco-infused rum while companions had more mojitos and stuff.
Yes, of course, Reidski did nearly get into fight mode when suggesting to huge 7-feet male that he should apologise to 'er indoors after he barged past. Huge bloke did indeed apologise and everything was fine. Apart from that, Reidski did think he was on good behaviour and, it must be said, a fabulous night was had by all.
On to the usual domestic affairs, the boy did not make an appearance for the footie team today as shoulder and chest injury ruled him out. Me and him, however, still turned up to cheer the team on to yet another victory - an away 6-3 win after being 2-1 down at half-time. I think if I hadn't turned up the game may not even have happened and they would have had to give away the points as there wasn't enough cars to take the kids to the game. We seem to have a core who turn up, with not much support from the other parents. But that kind of thing just makes me support the boys even more - and I get very vocal on the sidelines, even when the boy isn't playing. It was a great game, very exciting to watch, but the Lions should have scored a helluva lot more.
The drive home was a complete nightmare - what took us 20 minutes to get there took around 90 minutes on the way back. I have never minded being in traffic jams, but that has always meant that I am on my own and I put loud music on in the car. Today was a car-full of kids and a bloke who I am sure was out of his head on E's - totally wired, as Mark E Smith would say.
As I dropped the bloke off, he insisted on lending me Saw on DVD (for those who may not know, DVDs can be purchased for a fiver in the pubs of New Cross and many other part of London before the films have even hit the cinema screens).
Saw was a good idea done extremely badly - don't go and watch it at the cinema, its shite.
I'm going to bed now - good night.


Blogger Jim said...

Sounds like a good night was had by all. You really must stop that macho crap of facing up to 7'3" guys who are built like brick shithouses though. One will not be so polite.

7:57 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bring them on...

10:58 pm  

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