Saturday, October 30, 2004

Out On The Tiles

I've fucked up. I've fucked up so badly you wouldn't believe it! No, don't get me wrong, I haven't done anything against any person or persons, but, still, I have fucked up big time.
Anyway, this is probably - and I stress the word probably - one of the last nights of my life that I have a drink. As Ronnie Barker once said: "I'm going straight I am, straight as an arrow."
Bevvy has fucked me up for the last time, I've had enough!
Back to good things, went to see the Junkman's Choir at the Dublin Castle in Camden. What a blinding gig. Half of the band were in the much-loved 80's Ayrshire outfit N'yah Fearties. The Castle was pure rockin and rollin and a great time was had by all. Had a word with with one of the band beforehand, with much of the conversation centring on our past visits to Rugby Park - he being an avid follower of the Killie boys and me being a companion to tnr on his visits to the great cathedral of football in the mid to late 80s (when, it must be said, the side were languishing in the lower regions of Division II - i.e. the lowest division there was).
Talking of football, I, being a receiver of Celtic info, got a really weird e-mail tonight. In among the invitations to buy all things Celtic from the club's publicity department is a suggestion to buy programmes from their Champions League fixtures, including, and I think I have the correct wording here, "for the rising force" of Shakhtar Donetsk. Now, sorry, even for a rabid pro-Tic boy like me, that's nothing but pure utter shite. Teams are not a "rising force" just cos they beat us, for fuck sake. They may finish above us in the Champions League, but they are hardly going to storm the football palace.
On a more important note, got a flyer through the door tonight saying that a planned "area meeting" at a local school has been cancelled. "due to circumstances beyond our control." I think this relates to another flyer that we received a few weeks back that was promptly put in the bin - wish I had kept it now. Anyway, the previous leaflet was about stamping out crime in the area - no name, address or organisation of who was speaking or putting this initiative together. So Reidski and 'er indoors think: "dodgy."
I'm all for local people doing something to improve the local area, but I want to know who the fuck they are and why they are doing it. What I don't want is arseholes of whatever political hue pretending to do something under cover of organising their own little revolution or counter-revolution. I don't do much in the way of political activity these days, but, if this meeting does get rearranged, I should make the effort to go along. Methinks it is some sort of right-wing mob (BNP? NF? who knows?) trying to muscle in and create more tension in an area which, I fear, is heading for worse times before it gets better. For what it's worth, they are going to have me to contend with at least - my gym work may come in handy for this one.
As I say at the beginning of this post, I have fucked up pretty badly in the last day or so. Hopefully I can recover, but I'm not sure.
Goodnight, good folks!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You disappoint me. I was looking forward to reading your account of seeing Philip Larkin's lawnmower.

9:17 am  
Blogger ardeelee said...

hi, wow, you actually went to school with tcs. how lovely. that's great actually!
and no i'm not jealous, if you went to school with Stephen Patrick Morrissey , I would go crazy....but I guess that's how much I've grown. I no longer go boy crazy when I like bands like when I was a teenager. =)
hee heee heee.

I managed to talk to Frank a bit when they were here in San Diego and he was a bit shy but very nice. Paul Livingston rocks! Then John Douglas and I chat for a bit too. (I feel like a dork right now, like I really know them that well, calling them by their full names)

Their music really defined me especially in my early to mid twenties! They are indeed a very under-rated band, I'm glad I got to see them perform and even talk, meet and take photos with them.

Thanks for you commenting on my blog. It's nice to meet blogger friends. =)

ps, so you must be scottish. I've a friend who's up by edinburgh and i was telling John Douglas that and he told me that Glaswegian people are nicer. =) I have a good friend named Scott who's here in San Diego from Glasgow and he's really cool too, we went and saw the band Travis live here in San Diego earlier this year. Good times. Good music! Yeah!


8:10 pm  
Anonymous Kevin said...

Hello Reidski,

The Junkmen are returning to London at the end of this month. Thurs. 26th May - Windmill, Brixton (with The Ludes). Fri. 27th May - Dublin Castle, Camden. New EP out: Junk Rock. Maybe see you there.

8:49 am  
Anonymous Kevin said...

Hello Reidski,

The Junkmen are returning to London at the end of this month. Thurs. 26th May - Windmill, Brixton (with The Ludes). Fri. 27th May - Dublin Castle, Camden. New EP out: Junk Rock. Maybe see you there.

8:49 am  

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