Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Days Like These Keep Me Warm

Richmond Fontaine - good ol' boys. Posted by Hello

What a stupendous few days I've just had. First was a fantastic trip to the cinema to watch Feux Rouges (Red Lights) - a very classy French suspense thriller. An unlikely scenario ensued, but that didn't spoil what was an excellent film.

That was followed last night by a game of footie - we let the firm down as we went down to a team from pricewaterhousecoopers. The score was an unembarrassing 7-5 to the opposition, but we can certainly play a lot better than we did and my passing was atrocious, although I don't think I deserved the crack on the shin I received just before the final whistle. We're taking on a team of solicitors next week and hopefully an improvement will be seen.

Then it was down to the Borderline (one of my favourite musical haunts, by the way) and a guest list entrance to a sold out show from Richmond Fontaine. They were totally awesome and their set was among the best I had seen in years. And, while I am prone to exaggerations at times, I do not exaggerate this time. They were simply stunning. Although they are usually bracketed in with the alt country crowd, their sometime three chord thrashes and rockier moments suggest a lot more than gentle country music, even though they do the latter to perfection also. And, as for the singer's voice, well, it would bring tears to a glass eye.

Then, almost immediately after the set was finished, they were there in the bar to chat to whoever wanted to chat to them. They really are nice blokes! A visit to Barsoles for late night drinkies and then it was home to bed. What a perfect evening.

Check out the Fontain's website, with particular reference to the bass player's diary, in the section called along the lines of Outta My Head, or something like that. I particularly like his homage to the Clash on a post entitled Sandanista.

The boy has just come in from school with two of his buddies and they all seem to be in a right good mood. I fear the boy's mood will change later when The Hoops get humped by Milan, but I dearly hope I am wrong.

I suppose I'll have to visit the pub to watch it - three nights out in a row, some people could be forgiven for thinking I have a vibrant social and cultural life!

P.S. Message for Ayrshire folk, Richmond Fontaine are playing at the Darvel music festival on Friday night - go, you will not be disappointed!!!


Blogger Jim said...

Sounds interesting but we are probably too poor to go 24 squid to get in and payday is a bit way yet.

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