Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Alright, Here This

Titles of recent posts:

Knockin Em Back - Paul Westerburg, former Replacements singer who has brought out some phenomenal solo stuff - particularly Come Feel Me Tremble, which this track comes from. I don't know why my record collection doesn't include any Replacements. I must rectify that one.

Beginning to See the Light - you know, of course, that it is the Velvet Underground, one of the greatest bands ever.

Under the Influence - Eminem, a great wordsmith, lyricist and entertainer.

Suspended from Class - Camera Obscura (Glasgow has produced some superb fey guitar bands over the years, but this lot are definitely one of the best. Met the male singer at a gig in London when they supported the Trashcan Sinatras and thought he was a very nice young man indeed. On record and live, they are brilliant).

Groovy Times - great Clash track. B-side of I Fought the Law, if I'm not mistaken.

Party Til You Puke - anyone remember Andrew WK. He was the guy who, while his music was certainly half decent, found some sort of NME-style fame by always bashing his head in to the extent that he was covered in blood at every gig - strange but true. This is a great song and a great title.

And the title of this post? We're talking Three MCs and One Dj. We're talking three of the greatest musicians ever to come out of Brooklyn, NY. And, if it wasn't for their misguided and stupid "pro-Tibet" bullshit, I might like them on a political level, also.

Postcript: Tibet has always been part of China and why anyone would think anything different is beyond me. Further, what was the Dalai Lama in Tibet other than a slave-owning feudalist ruler, anyway?


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