Sunday, September 05, 2004

Under The Influence

The boy didn't seem that bothered when I came in tonight all happy about England drawing 2-2 with Austria. I think it was a mixture of "dad's an arsehole", "dad's drunk" and, more importantly, "I'm trying to watch Grease" which made him not care that his national team didn't do as well as they should have done.
I have just had a brilliant drinking day.
Woke up late morning and then watched the news and the lunchtime footie stuff, then done a tiny bit of shopping which salved the conscience a bit, then.....
pub pub pub pub pub. Watched Ireland canter to their win over Cyprus, then it was Wales against Azarbeijan and then, ha ha ha, England holding on for a point against Austria. I really couldn't help but applaud when the Austrian goals went in - one, they were cracking goals, but, two, they were against England. I have been in this beautiful and loving country for 18 years now, but I cannot get rid of that bitter and twisted chip on my shoulder. The boy even called me a "hun" today after he asked me who I would want to win if Rangers ever played England. "No question" says I, and then explained why. That didn't go down well with the boy (who is, it must be said, English).
Getting back to more important matters, I'm waiting for some liberal lefty arsehole to dare say something about the Chechens' right to use whatever means they have at their disposal.
At that point, faces will be punched and blood will spill.
Chechnya has never been a nation, full stop. The very idea that it should be a separate independent "state" on the basis that the majority of people living there are muslims is a bit like advocating self-determination for a protestant republic of Govan. Yes, fucking bonkers.
No doubt the SWP or some (or all) of their bonkers' allies will come up with some (not so) well-thought-out reason why we should support these fuckers.
Fuck 'em.
Before I leave you all...........I want you people out there to come up with the name of the bands/singers of the titles of the posts I publish on this bloggy thing. Sooo, you cannot put a comment on here until you make a guess, okay?


Blogger Jim said...

Didn't realise you were old enough to have heard Quadrophenia. Do you think its a bit harsh for me to suggest to Vladimir that he should nuke Chechnya and that would be the end of it?

Glad to see your swallowing liquids okay. Rangers v England, I must try that one on the Apprentice.

10:12 am  

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