Tuesday, July 27, 2004

In The City

I absolutely love living in London. London is so alive in a way that no other city on this planet is.
Had one of those great London nights out last night. Met up with people from work first of all to celebrate Brizie's birthday, we then moved into town for a meeting cum social gathering of a group calling themselves the "Sohemians" - and a very interesting bunch they were too. They concern themselves with anything that has a link to Soho (hence their name) and include the likes of high Tories, liberals and a smattering of lefties.
At closing time, four of us went off to an Algerian restaurant for some wonderful lamb and cous cous, followed by whiskies and beers in a couple of late opening bars. Got home at around 4am, but, with no work to attend, felt fine after a lie in.
Just about to head off to catch train to Irvine with the boy. Packing his gear earlier I noticed that he wasn't going to take his new Celtic top, this as a result of me telling him about a couple of Tic fans who have been violently attacked and killed by neanderthal huns in recent years for simply wearing the hoops.
After a quick word from Reidski that we always wear our colours with pride and that he should never be intimidated by fascists and thugs, said top was duly packed.
Looking forward to catching up with family and old friends over the next few days.


Blogger Jim said...

Let me get this right here Reidski. You told the boy that at least 2 people have been murdered in this here part of the world for wearing the same kind of sportswear you have bought your boy for his birthday, and are now heading for these parts with him just a wee bit worried about possible consequences of bringing said sportswear??????

Okay, the odds are considerably slim that anything bad will happen, he may be called a name which he doesn't understand, but most of the bad stuff has happened around old firm games, when the loonies have had a bit too much of the moon and can't handle something out of their control - the result of a football game - being out of their control. That and they are probably just bad guys.

Bet you hid under his bed when he was wee and made scary noises just before he went to sleep.

7:45 pm  
Blogger Darren said...

The Jam - easy

2:12 am  
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