Friday, July 16, 2004

Setting Son

A watershed moment arrived for those inhabiting chez Reidski today - the boy's days at primary schoold ended.
An extremely emotional event it was too, by all accounts. The Reidski himself could not get the afternoon off work, but 'er indoors was there and witnessed the kids crying their eyes out, leading to parents crying their eyes out and general sadness all around.
But a group of nine of them decided they would have an end-of-school party. The venue? Yes, you guessed it, chez Reidski!
It was nice to come in from work to be greeted by some really great kids. All polite, all saying thank you when given anything, all saying goodbye and thanks at exit time. A lovely bunch, indeed!
Getting back to not being able to take time off from work, I could have really done with a few extra hours kip. It was work's day out yesterday and much drink was drunk. In fact, far too much drink was drunk. Had a great time, of course, as I always do when out bevvying, but this was a particularly superb day. Joined another couple of Scots immigrants in singing flower of Scotland at the Karaoke, followed a little later by Bohemian Rhapsody.
Performance at the singing was only just beaten by performance on the pool table. Took on all-comers and beat them all. Me and co-worker won around the first dozen or so games, before the halos slipped. But on they came again and we done the same again.
Reidski, for those who don't know, has never known when to stop when it comes to slugging bevvy, so, on arrival back in London, carried on drinking. Chinese meal and beer, followed by whisky, followed by more beer on arrival back home.
Did have a hangover, but certainly had a lot worse.
Certainly going to take it easy on the alcohol front over the weekend, however. Well, that's the plan anyway.
Got tickets to see Celtic on Sunday, they travel south to take on Fulham at the Cottage, my favourite football ground in england and certainly the prettiest in the world - can't wait.


Blogger The Radical Postman said...

Well done the son. End of an era with a new one about to begin. Stick in at school Reidski Jnr and dont end up a Postman, radical or otherwise.
You drink too much Reidski and your liver will have something to say about it.
I must have misunderstood when you said youd be at 'the cottage' all day Sunday, I would have thought your fading looks would have put paid to that bit of your sordid past?

7:01 pm  
Blogger Jim said...

thewife once used cottaging. Put it down the top left hand corner of a scrabble board accross 2 triple word scores. Gubbed me. Score on that alone was over 100.

Drink, nothing like it until the next day and soon you'll be takin g the boy oot for wan tae..

8:02 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was with Reidski on Thursday. Indeed, I sang Bohemian Rhapsody with him. His account of the day is reasonably honest. I laughed a lot, watching him play pool, and was sure he would have somebody's eye out with the cue before the day was over, but he didn't. What he omits to describe is the barrage of beer mats that was launched at the Caledonian karaoke trio.

10:02 am  
Blogger Reidski said...

Those beer mats were thrown as a mark of love and respect. I certainly didn't here the boss shout: "Get off you Jock wankers." That was all in everyone's imagination.
Beelzebub. Magnifico. Figaro oh oh oh oh!

8:10 pm  

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