Sunday, July 04, 2004

More money matters

I'VE WON AGAIN - HURRAH HURRAH! Not much, mind you, but twenty quid is handy all the same.
Saw the odds (Greece at 4-1) and thought: "That cannot be ignored." So I didn't ignore and put a fiver on them.
The game itself was superb and Greece thoroughly deserved to win this championship. Has a team, in the history of either World Cups or European Championships, ever had a harder route to the trophy. First they beat the host nation. Then they draw with Spain. A blip agains Russia follows. Victory against title-holders France, followed by a win over a Czech team who, up until that point, looked as if they would have beaten any side in the world.
And then it was back to Portugal.
The game got interrupted a few times by negative comments from our house guest. The mater of 'er indoors arrived today, staying until Thursday. She's down to see the boy perform in his school musical, a kind of West Side Story meets Fame on the streets of south-east London for the 21st Century, which takes place on Wednesday and Thursday. The boy plays the romantic lead, no less.
Earlier today, we thought that the boy would maybe need to have heavy make-up to play the part as a result of being punched in the face by one of a gang of older boys who wanted to steal his ball and mess with him and his friends. A chase ensued, but the boy and friends survived intact.
No sign of swelling or bruising yet, so it looks like the boy will be allright on the dramatical night.
It's very strange all this sort of stuff. Eighteen months ago, the boy was never allowed out on his own, but as time has gone on, you have to give some leeway. That has meant more and more times when you don't see your kids for hours on end. That has its good side - being able to get on with things or just getting on with listening to loud music and drinking alcohol and relaxing, with no children around. But it has its down side, too, like not knowing where the fuck they are and who the fuck are causing trouble with them.
But, as I say, you've got to let go at some stage, I suppose.
The other freaky thing about the boy is that he has only two weeks left of primary school and then it's summer and then it's the big big big school.
I'm wandering aimlessly through my head at the moment, so I think I should just say goodnight and see ya later.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You lucky lucky bastard. I needed a 2 - 2 draw to win anything. Bollocks.

11:45 pm  
Blogger Jim said...

You Lucky, Lucky Bastard. I needed a 2 - 2 Draw to win a competition at work. I knew that was never going to happen come half-time.

6:55 am  
Blogger The Radical Postman said...

I wouldnt know how to put a bet on so didnt win but then didnt lose either.
Its all Greek to me.
Son must take his romantic lead looks from his mither and obviusly his fighting skills from his faither. Wish him all the best in the school production, break a leg 'the boy'

9:57 pm  

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