Tuesday, June 29, 2004

There is power in a union

The London media is awash with misinformation, downright lies and a massive propaganda exercise, as well their efforts, yet again, to portray our society as one of individuals and not of classes. And why? London Undground workers have told their gaffers that enough is enough and are currently taking part in a 24-hour strike.
Management, for weeks and weeks, new that this strike was threatened, so what did they do? Did they follow the example of Network Rail and put their top executives at work looking for ways to resolve the dispute? Did they get round the negotiating table with the Tube workers' union the RMT? A big fat NO to both questions.
What they did was to ignore all requests for talks and, when they did see that this strike was not an empty threat, they sent in middle management into talks with the union's national officials.
London mayor Ken Livingstone then got involved, inviting members of staff to become scabs - a great leftie is our Ken.
But then, with the strike only hours away, top management suddenly thought that they should make the effort and get into talks with RMT officials. Far too late to call of the strike, however.
And what does our blessed media do - make it out to be a few "militants" in the leadership who have caused the disruption.
While we should never be surprised at such activities by the propaganda arm of the State, we still are. A democratic vote of the members? Pah, mere pawns in the leftie machine. Let's ignore the wishes of the membership and concentrate on the personalities.
The media are wankers. To quote Rab C Nesbitt: "I should know - ah wis wan!"
Good luck to those Underground staff who want to see a decent wage for spending their working life hudnreds of feet under the ground suffering horrific pollution in doing so, for wanting decent rest periods between shifts and in the middle of their shifts, for fighting for a 35-hour week (like that enjoyed by the journos who slag them off) and for taking action to achieve their aims.
I love it when the organised working class show yet again why there is power in a union.


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