Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Midweek tiredness

Wednesday night is the night of the week I enjoy most, even though it makes me most tired.
No, radicalpostman, not that. I play five a sides every Wed after work, a most thoroughly enjoyable, entertaining and healthy exercise. The problem we had tonight, however, was the problem we have had on a few other occasions since we started a few months ago - namely, not enough people turn up so five a sides turn into four against three. Well, when you're on the side with just three, it is non-stop running, whether defensive running or attacking. I maintain every week that the point of the exercise is just that - exercise - but it's great when you bang in the goals like I was doing tonight. I think final score was 19-18 to other side - close, no cigars, but plenty of calories burned to smithereens.
A lot of calories put back on in the pub afterwards, but not too many, as tiredness means get back home after not too many pints.
Anyway, got home and in walked 'er indoors, the boy and mater of 'er indoors from the boy's first night in school performance.
Before anyone accuses me of ignoring boy in school play, by the way, Reidski is attending tomorrow night's performance.
The boy was buzzing and high as a kite, while 'er indoors and 'er mater raved about whole performance of all the kids.
Can't wait till tomorrow's show!
The boy's school is ace. Stuck in the middle of an estate - no, that is not a negative - and with all cultures and many students whose first language is not English, the teachers perform miracles. They treat the national curriculim with the disdain it deserves, but, obviously have to meet the criteria that the State demands.
And, while league tables are one of the most disgusting things about our education system - treating schools like football teams - the boy's schools defies the odds and gets the results which only the faith (i.e. state funded, but privately aided) schools can match - a stirring example to others!
We told the boy recently that we would give him a fiver for each level five (i.e. the top mark) he achieved in his exam results this year. Oh dear, the boy got level five for all disciplines. So £25, plus £10 bonus for perfect marks, going to the boy.
Weird thing happened to me on the way home from work yesterday. After session in the gym, Reidski decided to spurn use of Tube and walk through central London on the way to overland train station.
Down near British Museum, approaching pub which I had no intention of going into, I saw someone outside who looked the spitting image of my sister's hubby. It was him, down from Lincoln for training course and he had just got off the phone to my sister to ask for my telephone number. So had a very pleasant few pints with him and then went off home, finding the whole episode very strange indeed. A city of around 9 million and you just happen to bump into a relative - weird, man.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The boy" obviously has talent!Hope he keeps it up

11:11 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't believe in giving kids money for doing well at school - success of any kind is its own reward. What sort of message are you giving the kid, eh? Isn't saying "Well done, I'm proud of you" enough? Apart from that I just wanted to say how fascinated I am by the blogging dichotomy of discretion/disclosure. I could say more ...

3:32 pm  
Blogger Reidski said...

Well, anonymous, you could say more and usually you do - a lot more!
First, it's not enough to say "well done" after the event when, before the tests, we said different. The fact is that he got both a material and emotional well done - what's the problem with that, then?
And, yes, there can be a dichotomy problem by blogging, but I intend to sidestep that problem by not disclosing when it might get me the sack or get me a kicking!

6:27 pm  
Blogger The Radical Postman said...

Well done Rediski Jnr, no surprise he was a big hit, mater's good looks and faithers nifty footwork.
It;s the Scottish blood, anew James Bond on the way. Connerry was the only decent Bond

11:37 pm  

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