Saturday, July 10, 2004

South East Side Story

I know - far too much comment on the boy, but, come one, let me indulge a bit cos he's leaving his little school shortly.
...he and schoolmates performed excellently in the musical.
The good thing was that there was no main characters so most kids in the class got a line or two.
It was a good gang v bad gang scenario, with the boy in good gang cast.
Good gang won in the end cos they had (in the play) got martial arts training (hence the Kung-Fu Fighting scene) and beat off the bad guys, who accepted they had got done over.
Not sure of the message - i.e. fight violence with violence - but there we go.
Anyway, the boy did have a great part and was there in the duet at the end with the girl singer (classically trained).
Tears definitely formed when that was going on - they made a great couple!
And what about the others?
Ewan's romantic oppo also done a great version of "Somewhere", while we also heard "Tonight,Tonight" and "Maria - I just kissed a girl named Maria" - both absolutely astounding.
Back to the boy - ever so proud of im and, even though he does my head in at times, I love him sooooo much.
Today, well....finished work at 11am and then had a mega session at the gym followed by a mega session at pub.
Then it was Morning Star chat when I met up with former colleagues at that newspaper and had great afternoon in pub with them.
What followed was nothing to write home about, other than the fact that I fell asleep in cinema watching The Cooler - nothing to do with the film, just that I was pissed and not wanted at home!!
'er indoors is off the morra, so, hopefully, the boy and I can have a nice dad and his lad type weekend.
I am actually so pissed that I must stop typing now.


Blogger The Radical Postman said...

West Side Story was brilliant, I of course identified with the Sally Army!
Bernstein was also questioned by the House Un-American Committee - McCarthy. thereafter he fled the USA for Europe. An asylum seeker I suppose.

9:45 pm  

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