Friday, September 17, 2004

Something's Gone Wrong Again

Gabba Gabba Hey Posted by Hello

So Johnny is the latest to go. Not the greatest human being on the planet, by any means - his view that Ronnie Raygun being the greatest president in his life proof of that one. Nevertheless, he contributed to one of the most sublime albums in history. Few have surpassed it and even fewer will in the future.

Fox hunting. Who really gives a flying fuck one way or the other? That our democratic institutions have given so much time over the last seven years or so debating this matter is an issue in itself. A non-issue in class terms, a non-issue in socio-economic terms and certainly a non-issue when it comes to the most important questions of the day. Why oh fucking why are our elected politicians even discussing it? In saying that, a small part of me - and it really was a very very small part - wanted the police to wade in to those protesters outside the Palace of Westminster yesterday. Firstly, cos the thought of them doing any damage to one the of the most beautifual architectural constructions in the world angered me. But, also, cos I hate the thought of any group of whatever political hue coming in to fuck up my city. Come and visit and demonstrate by all means, but don't fuck with us, okay, you townsfolk and villagers! And don't get tanked up on cider when you take us on, either!
On more important matters, I went from here to here to watch the travesty of Millwall getting only a 1-1 draw from the mighty Ferencvaros of Hungary. The 26-times champions of their country could only manage one shot on goal, which, unfortunately, went in, while the Lions were looking comfortable throughout.
I fear that Ferencvaros will be a different team in the second leg.
On a happy note, I'm off to the frozen north for a weekend in the homeland. It's definitely going to be fun, it's definitely going to be drunken and it's definitely going to be headaches on the three subsequent mornings. But who cares????


Blogger Jim said...

To be honest, Johnny's passing saddens me about as much as the passing of his favourite president.

Fox hunting is another matter. If you could eat it I'd say okay but you can't so what the fuck is it about other than a load of middle class and aristocratic cnuts having fun. Ban it and shoot the fucking lot of them if they demonstrate. Nice to see the unbiased police bashing a load of right-wing bastards for a change.

7:33 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How disappointing is it that Bryan Ferry's boy Otis is mixed up in all this pro-hunting activity? Very, very.
I agree with Reidski - I don't give a damn either way. Peter Hain has let it be known that he is "furious" - what a pompous twat - why does he think his state of mind is a matter of public interest?

9:23 am  
Blogger Jim said...

Still Hungover???

1:12 pm  
Blogger Reidski said...


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