Sunday, February 13, 2005

On A Holiday *

Why is it that, rather frequently, these crappy blog entries of mine are written after far too much alcoholic intake? A guess of mine is that it is only very late at night that I get access to the computer. 'er indoors always makes it clear that she bought the damn thing, while the boy spends endless hours on the bloody machine. Hence, I get on here when I can...usually late at night after I have had a few. That is not to say, however, that I write these words in a drunken haze - far from it. I'm relatively sober for a Saturday night - and the important word here is "relatively."
Just had a rather splendid evening as a result of visits from friends of 'er indoors. Young daughters and friends accompanied this visit, which made for conflicting emotions for the boy, although generally he enjoyed the company although having to put up with much teasing.

Nearly went to see The Sea Inside last night. I was having a rather leisurely stroll home after work through the West End and suddenly thought: "I think I'll go to the pictures." So went along to cinema on Shaftesbury Avenue, but was at the end of a particularly long queue. So (that word again) thought (that word again, also): "Fuck it - go for a drink instead." Had a few glasses of red wine while reading the Evening Standard, this city's extremely rubbish evening paper. The headline went along the lines of "Mayor embroiled in racist slur controversy". Now, I am no friend of Ken Livingstone, remembering his attacks on the Morning Star strike in 1998 and, more importantly, his encouraging of scabbing for the planned Tube strikes last year (they were called off, by the way), But this Evening Standard stuff was bonkers and infuriated me to the point of nearly writing a letter before I thought: "Fuck it - it's only Ken Livingstone."
Anyway, what was this "racist slur?" He had been attending an event to mark the 20 years since Chris Smith MP had come out. Outside this event was a snivelling little shitty Standard journalist shoving a mic into Ken's face. Ken first of all said something about didn't he have nothing better to do. After more stupid questions from snivelling little shitty hack, Ken should have told him to fuck off. But, instead, after snivelling little shitty hack said he was only doing his job, Ken said that was what concentration camp guards said. I should add here that snivelling little shitty hack had told Ken he was jewish.
But, can anyone please tell me where the racist slur is in all this shit? Isn't this standard for whenever someone tells us that they are only doing their job? And isn't it a bit rich for a paper that is part of a group which includes the Daily Mail (supported Hitler) to come out with this crap?

New names are appearing in my comments section. I like that. But I like it even more that one of them has taken on the pseudonym Voroshilov. Look here if you want to know who this geezer was. And this name alone means that I know who this really is. Keep it foolish!

Good news from the Scottish Socialist Party conference today. Look here. That a motion was put forward in the first place asking for unconditional support for reactionary murdering fascist religious maniacs is bad enough, but at least the punters threw that one out.

The boy has semi-final of cup tomorrow morning. That's the good news. The bad news is they play a team from Welling. I was about to write that, while the kids who played for Welling were fine, the parents weren't, until I remembered the boy saying that one of the opposition players commented to him during the game the last time they played: "I'm gonna kill you, you cunt." Meanwhile parents of Welling were on the sidelines constantly swearing at the ref and me as I ran the line. Tomorrow may be interesting indeed!

* Brian Wilson - genius!


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