Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Last Night*

Some people have described them as Joy Division wannabees, but I don't see that one myself. I tend to think of Editors as being heavily influenced by TV21, the post-punk band from Edinburgh in the early '80s. This is probably a strange claim to make because I can't imagine that the Birmingham four-piece have even heard of TV21 (Kev, that is not an insult, merely a guess!). As an aside, I once saw TV21 supporting The Skids in Ayr back in the day and they were fucking awesome. Well, listen to A Thin Red Line from 1981 and you'll hear what I mean. I certainly don't have a problem with bands taking inspiration from their predecessors or their contemporaries - who else liked The Alarm, the band that Joe Strummer described as "a shadow of a shadow of a shadow of the Clash"? No, I didn't either! Anyway, my point is .... Editors are a damn fine band and last night at the Brixton Academy (the middle of their three-night sold-out stint) JJ and I were witness to how the energy and drive of their recorded material is well transformed onto the live stage.

Lead man Tom Smith runs around the stage quite a bit, covering every inch I think, and so full of beans. He also has a lovely voice which never strains, no matter how high or low he goes. Chris Urbanowicz on guitar plays his part also and, to these ears, never hits a bum note. As for bass and drums .... pounding! Ed Lay batters the fuck out of the skins and snares and is accompanied well by Russell Leech on the four-strings.

We had a good mixture of tracks from their debut The Back Room with those from The End Has a Start, while one or two new songs also had an airing. Simply put, a fucking good gig was put on by the lads.

Earlier, we partook in a wee libation at what is becoming a real favourite pub of mine, the Prince Arthur in Eversholt Street next to Euston. The table service business can seem a little wanky initially, but it is never intrusive and always friendly. And, with a very nice bottle of sauvignon blanc at 11 quid, well, can't complain really. Oh, and nice art on the walls, also!

So a great evening was had by both of us. And a morning off work to spend a few more hours with JJ was rather lovely too!

More culture tomorrow night as we head for the theatre in Northampton for an Alan Ayckborne play - promises to be ace!

*The Strokes



Blogger J.J said...

It was a great night out. And did I mention seeing the Clash twice at Brixton Academy?

Whaddya mean "Once or twice"???regmr

8:05 am  
Blogger Kevin Williamson said...

Didnt get into Editors when first listened to them. Maybe should give em another try.

Incidentally, JJ, one of my pet hates in life is people who go on about how many times they saw The Clash.

Although if I could turn back the clock - and sometimes I use a screwdriver and a hammer and try - I'd be one of them.

Did I ever mention the time I saw Joy Division support the Buzzcocks in Edinburgh blah blah blah...

12:25 pm  
Blogger Reidski said...

JJ - I seem to remember you did mention that ... once or twice ;-)

Kev - they do put on a good show and they're better than many others out there at the moment. Joy Division supporting the Buzzcocks - late '79 by any chance? I think I had a ticket for the Glasgow Apollo gig but didn't go for some fucking strange reason!

3:33 pm  
Blogger Moo said...

V jealous that you seen the Editors...I love them! It sucks living where I do, we hardly ever get decent bands here!

12:10 pm  

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