Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Water *

On the odd occasion I don't go to the gym at lunchtime, I desperately ask Messalina (well, she's the only friend at work I have) if she'll join me for a bite to eat. So we'll saunter down the road to the cafe and Messalina will order a bottle of water (well, there's no way I'll pay for bottled water when you can get it for free from a tap). And we'll always have a chuckle when the bottle comes and we look at its proclamation that this particular brand is "the official water of the Albanian national football team." Oh, how Attilla the Stockbroker would like this stuff! But, one day this week, we examined the label even closer. And, what did we find? Well, on one side it stated: "I mbushur sic del nga burimi I pyllit te Tepelenes". Yes, I know, whatever! But, the translation for this can be found on the opposite side of the label and I offer this to you: "Suffled how it gush from the source of the woods of Tepelena"!

Explanations please!!!! "Suffled"??? WTF?

*Ying Yang Twins (don't ask, I don't fucking know)



Blogger Yorkshire Pudding said...

"Suffled" is an embarrassing Albanian term for self abuse resulting in certain body fluids that add flavour to the water.

12:30 am  
Blogger Reidski said...

YP - no it's not ... and that's quite disgusting btw!

2:43 pm  

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