Sunday, July 29, 2007

I'm Not Satisfied *

JJ and I had a very lovely Friday evening. JJ and I then had a very lovely walk and drink around Blackheath on Saturday morning/lunchtime. Then JJ decided to visit the Dome - or, if you prefer your corporate sponsors' name, the O2 Arena - and see what was going down. Only thing was, although JJ and I both knew there was some air race going on down the Thames at this weekend, we didn't for a second think that this would interrupt our plans. We were wrong. All the (fucking empty) huge car parks were closed off, so we had to park some way off (yes, I know some will have no sympathy for car users, but JJ was going home straight afterwards to a place that is not serviced by public transport at all). But that was going to give us an opportunity to have a nice walk along the river to the Dome. We were wrong. As we approached the Thames walkway in the Millennium Village, we noticed barriers ahead. And burly security man. And burly security man asks for ticket or proof or residency. I get angry and ask why an event for "rich cunts" means us Londoners not getting access to our riverside. We are both really wound up and then total stupefied when we see ticket booths offering access to "our" riverside for £40 grandstand views or £20 for standing areas. And people are buying them??????? Stupid cunts. That's fine, they can waste their money on whatever they want, but why oh why is Ken Livingstone allowing corporations - I refuse to name this drink company - to take over our river and our pathways alongside the river and denying us locals access to said river and public footpaths for a whole fucking weekend. It's his worst mistake since encouraging scabbing on the last LUL strike and for undermining a strike at the Morning Star which gained him no support at his Campaign Group meetings.

And, to make matters worse, none of these rich cunts crashed their fucking planes!!

Did it spoil the time I had with JJ? No, but it did make us both rather annoyed!

And that's definitely enough of the negative vibes, cos we did have a wonderful time. The Railway Tavern in Blackheath - what a lovely pub and even the courtyard is no smoking. Think we'll be having lunch there in future, although we both did have great food in Zizzi at the Dome. And good beer in the Railway too. And lovely and reasonably priced wine at Zizzi.

*Fine Young Cannibals



Blogger J.J said...

That bouncer was the ugliest man I have ever seen...and also the widest. Think on reflection it was as well we didn't argue with him for too long.

8:41 am  
Blogger Reidski said...

I could have taken him out with one shot, JJ - as long as that shot was from an AK47!

7:46 pm  
Anonymous marc said...

Or certainly with the notorious Reidski slide tackle. But then, you might've gotten red carded on that one....

1:58 am  

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